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A Monthly Journal of Esoteric Commentary

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December 2017
Let Purpose Guide
by Tom Carney

November 2017 #2
Justice 2
by Tom Carney

November 2017
Justice 1
by Tom Carney

October 2017 #2
The Big Problem
by Tom Carney

October 2017
What's Up
by Tom Carney

September 2017
The End of the Tunnel
by Tom Carney

August 2017
Parts and Wholes
by Tom Carney

July 2017
Free Will, Consciousness and Freedom
by Tom Carney

June 2017
The Technology of Meditation
by Tom Carney

May 2017
The Reality Upload
by Tom Carney

April 2017
Government - The Soul of the People
by Tom Carney

March 2017
What's Up With Education?
by Tom Carney

February 2017
The Unavoidable Impending Intention
by Tom Carney

January 2017
Triumph is Unavoidable
by Tom Carney


December 2016
We are not the Robot
by Tom Carney

November 2016
It's About the Will
by Tom Carney

October 2016
Being Human
by Tom Carney

September 2016
Getting Focused
by Tom Carney

August 2016
New Wine and New Bottles
by Tom Carney

July 2016
Evolution: The Long View
by Tom Carney

June 2016
Moving On
by Tom Carney

May 2016
Destroyed As By Fire
by Tom Carney
May Issue #2
Evolution: The Ever Unfolding Revelation
by Tom Carney

April 2016
Reconstructing The Planet
by Tom Carney

March 2016
Upgrading God
by Tom Carney

February 2016
The Decade of Joy
by Tom Carney

January 2016
The Revelation Of The Foundations
by Tom Carney


December 2015
Transmutation, Transformation, Transfiguration -- The Proof Is In The Pudding
by Tom Carney

November 2015
Striving!-Itís Always Been About The Will
by Tom Carney

October 2015
Remembering Earth
by Tom Carney

September 2015
Why We Meditate
by Tom Carney

August 2015
Personalities, Souls and Nations:
Time For An Upgrade
by Tom Carney

July 2015
Getting Un-Grounded!
by Tom Carney

June 2015
The Future Is What We Make It!
by Tom Carney

May 2015
The Continuing Struggle
by Tom Carney

April 2015
From Ownership To Freedom
by Tom Carney

March 2015
The Sun is Rising
by Tom Carney

February 2015
Regarding The Need For Immediacy
by Tom Carney

January 2015
by Tom Carney


December 2014
Toward The Day
by Tom Carney

November 2014
Moving On - Itís Unavoidable!
by Tom Carney
by Tom Carney

October 2014
The Sovereignty of the One Humanity - The Common Good
by Tom Carney

September 2014
Restoring The Lost Foundations by Tom Carney

August 2014
Evolution is Unavoidable by Tom Carney

July 2014
Energy Follows Thought by Tom Carney

June 2014
The Core Problem and the Solution by Tom Carney

May 2014
The Economics of Equality by Tom Carney

April 2014
New Foundations for the New Age by Tom Carney

March 2014
Government: The Soul Of The People by Tom Carney

February 2014
Ignoromics: The Economics of Ignorance by Tom Carney

January 2014
Meditation: Service To The World by Tom Carney


December 2013
The Manifesto of the Mother by Tom Carney

November 2013
Alone? by Tom Carney

October 2013
Consciousness and Propaganda by Tom Carney

September 2013
Working With The Cycles--Being The Flow by Tom Carney

August 2013
The Summer Offensive by Tom Carney

July 2013
The Big All & The Exclusive Few by Tom Carney

June 2013
Cooperating with the Cosmos by Tom Carney

May 2013
Fundamentals by Tom Carney

April 2013
The Path by Tom Carney

March 2013
Getting Real by Tom Carney

February 2013
Rebooting the Sun Rise
by Tom Carney

January 2013
Through the Door!
by Tom Carney
The Darjeeling Declaration


December 2012
Restoring The Plan
by Tom Carney

November 2012
Touchstones Of Reconstruction
by Tom Carney

October 2012
The Song of Creation
by Tom Carney

September 2012
Unfolding the Common Good
by Tom Carney

August 2012
by Tom Carney

July 2012
The Flowering of the Race
by Tom Carney

June 2012
Cleaning Space: Working with the Subplanes
by Tom Carney

May 2012
The Revealer of Beauty
by Tom Carney

March 2012
The Approaching Opportunity
by Tom Carney

February 2012
The Lighted Way
by Tom Carney

January 2012
Creative Meditation
by Tom Carney


December 2011
Behind The Mother's Veil
by Tom Carney

November 2011
Living the American Dream
by Tom Carney
Going Forth, Together by Ernie Suazo

October 2011
Creative Meditation And The Gatekeepers Of The Status Quo
by Tom Carney

September 2011
Living Groups
by Tom Carney

August 2011
Cleaning Up God: Getting There From Here
by Tom Carney

July 2011
by Tom Carney

June 2011
Living the American Dream
by Tom Carney

May 2011
Conscious Reconstruction: Saving The Planet
by Tom Carney

April 2011
The Great Event: Its Meaning And Significance
by Tom Carney

March 2011
Reformulating God: Synthesis And The Law of Spiritual Approach
by Tom Carney

February 2011
Born Through Fire
by Tom Carney

January 2011
The Age Old Present Challenge
by Tom Carney


December 2010
We Are Humanity
by Tom Carney

November 2010
by Tom Carney

October 2010
Conscious Co-Creation Part Three
by Tom Carney

September 2010
Conscious Co-Creation Part Two
by Tom Carney

August 2010
Conscious Co-Creation Part One
by Tom Carney

July 2010
Inner Workings
by Tom Carney

June 2010
by Tom Carney

May 2010
The Spring Offensive
by Tom Carney

April 2010
The Valley of Opportunity
by Tom Carney

March 2010
The Science of Silence
by Tom Carney

February 2010
Aquarius: The Coming One
by Tom Carney
Avatar: An Analysis Of The Film by Tom Carney

January 2010tl-2010-01
The Next Three Years
by Tom Carney


December 2009
The Evolution of Education
by Tom Carney

November 2009
Evolution: Conscious Service to Humanity
by Tom Carney

October 2009
The Emerging Soul & The Pending Balance
by Tom Carney
The Reappearance by Tom Carney

September 2009
The Death Prologue
by Tom Carney
Group Consciousness, Fear And Death by Tom Carney

August 2009
Group Conscious Religion
by Tom Carney

July 2009
Getting Back To The Garden: The Inevitable Sequel
by Tom Carney

June 2009
The New Consciousness And The Ownership of Property
by Tom Carney

May 2009
The New Consciousness Alignment
by Tom Carney

April 2009
Disciples of Synthesis
by Tom Carney

March 2009
Salvaging Love
by Tom Carney

February 2009
We are The Great Unfolding
by Tom Carney

January 2009
Dear Friends and Fellow Way Showers

by Tom Carney


December 2008
The Next Three Year Cycle: Correcting the Course, Conditioning The Space, Working From The Top Down

by Tom Carney

November 2008
Meditation: The Engine of Change
by Tom Carney

October 2008
Religion: A Post Piscean View
by Tom Carney

September 2008
The Single I
by Tom Carney

August 2008
The Light Of The World Light/Love/Consciousness/Christ
by Tom Carney

July 2008
Group Consciousness: The Reappearing Christ
by Tom Carney

June 2008
Group Conscious Meditation
by Tom Carney

May 2008
Group Conscious Politics
by Tom Carney

April 2008
Economy Consciousness
by Tom Carney

March 2008
The End of Isims: The Beginning of Unity
by Tom Carney

February 2008
Group Conscious Living
by Tom Carney

January 2008
The Crisis Decade: It's About Consciousness!
by Tom Carney


December 2007
Editor's Note
by Tom Carney
Esotericism by D.K.

November 2007
The One
by Tom Carney
Fund Appeal

October 2007
A Question of Balance
by Ed Schenet
Conscious Decision Making by Tom Carney

September 2007
by Tom Carney
O Sweet
by E.E. Cummings

August 2007
Some Thoughts on a Personal Process for Peace
by Michael Lindfield

July 2007
Building Our Lighted House
by Tom Carney

June 2007
As a Man Thinketh in His Heart
by Joyce Muraoka
Us II by Tom Carney

May 2007
Loving Us
by Tom Carney

April 2007
The Light of Spring
by Ed Schenet
The Triumph of the Light by Tom Carney
Letter on the Three Linked Festivals by Tom Carney

March 2007
On Guidance
by Tom Carney

February 2007
The Promise Of Capricorn
by Diana Lang
The Year Of The Heart by Tom Carney

January 2007
The New Sagittarian
by Tom Carney


December 2006
Weighing-in on Libra
by Diana Lang

November 2006
Emergence: Bridging The Light
by Eugene Smith

October 2006
Emergence: From Matter/Mother Into Spirit/Father
by Tom Carney

September 2006
The Lion's Roar
by Tom Carney

August 2006
Opening the Heart
by Tom Carney

July 2006
Anchoring The Will
by Tom Carney

June 2006
Meditation and the Personal Life II:Wheels In Wheels
by Tom Carney

May 2006
Being the Open Door for the Reappearance of the Christ
by Gordon Davidson

April 2006
Reminiscence: The Evolution Thing
by Tom Carney

March 2006
Couple of Things
by Tom Carney

February 2006
Inbreathing In Aquarius
by Tom Carney
The Lesson of Scorpio by Diana Lang

January 2006
The Facts Of Life And The Endless Beginning
by Ed Schenet
The Light of the World: What It Is by Tom Carney


December 2005
The Lanoo Up Grade Program
by Tom Carney

November 2005
The New Group of World Servers
by Tom Carney

October 2005
The Next Step by Tom Carney

September 2005
New Kids on the Block
by Tom Carney

August 2005
Life Above the Dotted Line by Tom Carney

July 2005
The Significance and Value of the United Nations
- Tom Carney

June 2005
Key Notes of Taurus
- Joyce Muraoka
The Atmic Bomb - Tom Carney

May 2005
Implementing The Plan Of Light
- Gordon Davidson

April 2005
Are You The Christ?
- Tom Carney

March 2005 
Peace Is -
Tom Carney

February 2005
What is the Plan? - Eugene Smith

January 2005
Revealing the Hierarchy Within
- Tom Carney


Sagittarius inAquarius: A New Direction for a New Day - Tom Carney
Season's Greetings

Prepared tobe Impressed?
- Jay Pietrzak
Dear Friends - Tom Carney
2005 Group Meditation Work

The Call-Tom Carney

All We Need isLove - Tom Carney
All You Need is Love
- John Lennon & Paul McCartney

August 2004
OutBreathing - Tom Carney
The World Is Charged With the Grandeur Of God - Gerard Manly Hopkins

The Power of Humanity
-Tom Carney
Pondering- Ray Barlow

Right Relations, Heritageof the Future
- Dr. Jayme Treiger
Sorting It Out - Tom Carney

May 2004   
The Great Awakening -
Tom Carney
Overlooking the Familiar
- Jay Pietrzak

April 2004
Individual,Group & Intergroup Discipleship, Part 2 - Jeriel Smith

March 2004
Facing Death -
Individual, Group & Intergroup Discipleship, Part 1 -
Jeriel Smith

February 2004
Theometry -
Thomas R. Love, PhD
Aquarian Musings -
Tom Carney

January 2004
Are We Up for This
- Tom Carney
The One Pointed Disciple - Jay Pietrzak


December 2003
The Simple Task
- Tom Carney
See Me In Each Other - Miki Webb

November 2003
Unveiling the Jewel
by Miki Webb
Choices by Tom Carney

October 2003 A Time For Love by Tom Carney
Letter From Sydney- Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service

September 2003
Vision and Revelation
- Tom Carney

August 2003
We Are The Divine Intervention
- Eugene Smith
Full Moon Magic 2004-2006

July 2003
The Frequency of Truth
- Tom Carney
The Wesak Festival
- Jeriel Smith

June 2003
Father God Mother God-Mikki Webb
Aries - The Doorway into Shamballa-Gordon Davidson
Porosity-Mikki Webb

May 2003
- J. Pietrzak
The Pisces Project  - Tom Carney

April 2003 Thoughtline 
Aquarian Seeds
- Miki Webb
Transforming Political Fear -
Corinne McLaughlin
- Sharon (Letts) Hed
The 11th Hour
- Tom Carney

March 2003
Spiritual Embodiment - Tom Carney
The Hovering Dove 
- Miki Webb

February 2003
- Tom Carney
A Taste Of Heaven - Miki Webb

January 2003
An Astrological Note
- Miki Webb
Essential Divinity and the New World Order by Tom Carney


December 2002
by Tom Carney
Libran Pearl by Miki Webb

November 2002
The Father, The Mother, The Child
by Tom Carney
The Divine Hermaphrodite by Miki Webb

October 2002
The Meaning and Significance of Being Human
- Tom Carney

Sept 2002
Democracy And Brotherhood - by Carol Houst
An Astrological Note -  by Tom Carney

Aug 2002
Where The Heart Meets The Need:
The Warrior Architects of the 7th Ray
- by Tom Carney
Letter From The Heart - by Rose Ellis
It's In The Stars - by Miki Webb

July 2002
The Leaders of men - by Tom Carney

May 2002
New Forms For A New Age - by Tom Carney
Cleaning House: A Ceremony of Sacrifice -  by Tom Carney

Apr 2002
Two Roads by Tom Carney
Reading List

Mar 2002
Liberating Humanity by Gordon Davidson
Group Meditation Form With Seed Thoughts

Feb 2002
Harry Potter And The Path of Discipleship byJeriel Smith
Three Linked Festivals Notice

Jan 2002
Hooking Up on The Inner-Net by Tom Carney
The Sign Of Silence by Miki Web


Dec 2001
We Can Do This
by Tom Carney
Seasons Greetings by Arcana Workshops
2002 Meditation Cycle Attachments

Nov 2001
The Dweller and the Dream
by Jeriel Smith
Saddle Up by Tom Carney
2002 Meditation Cycle Attachments

Oct 2001
Contemplating Virgo's Verities
by Miki Webb
Darjeeling Declaration by WSI Conclave

Sept 2001
For The Children's Sake
by Miki Webb

Aug 2001
Beauty Or the Beast
by Miki Webb
One Clear Note: It's An Inside Job by Tom Carney
Cancer Community Meditation Meeting Closing Wordsby Carol Houst

July 2001
The Law of Paradox and the Peculiar Motion called Balance
by Carol Houst

June 2001
New Forms For A New Age
by Tom Carney
Cleaning House: A Ceremonyof Sacrifice by Tom Carney

May 2001
Roots And Branches
by Jeriel Smith
2001 Seed Thoughts for Group Meditation

April 2001
But First Love
by Tom Carney
Refugee Migrations and theWorld Economy by Rosemary Burton
2001 Seed Thoughts for Group Meditation

Mar 2001
A Night to Remember
by Jack Hart
Leading and Serving by Tom Carney

Feb 2001
In The Center of the Three
by Dan Underwood
The Sacraments: A New AgeInterpretationby Marian Breckenridge

Jan 2001
Taking Our Best Shot
by Tom Carney
2001 Seed Thoughts for Group Meditation


Dec 2000
Virgo's Grace
by Miki Webb
Scorpio: RecollectingPurpose by Tom Carney

Nov 2000
Synthesis of the Signs
by Carol Houst
$ and Sense by Tom Carney
2000 Elections

Oct 2000
The Turning Point by Jo Ann Gaines
Out-breathing by Tom Carney

Sept 2000
Lightening UP by Miki Webb
Participation and Being by Judy Norman
Gore's Choice by Jesse Jackson

Aug 2000
We are the Breath by Tom Carney
The Yellow Brick Road by Socorro Maia

June 2000
The Last "Great Barrier" by Tom Carney

May 2000
The Grand Science of Impression by Dan Underwood
Reflection by Socorro Maia
A Natural Selection by Tom Carney

April 2000
Beginning With the Word by Carol Houst
Getting Ready ForShamballa: Go for It by Tom Carney
A Pilgrim's Prayer by Bruce Allen

March 2000
The Great Revelation - Recognition and Responsibility

January 2000
The Los Angeles Heart Project Report


December 1999
At the Crossing of the Dweller by Tom Carney
Stairway to Heaven by Miki Webb

November 1999
It's in the Air by Tom Carney
he Shifting Tide by Judy Norman

October 1999
Cooperation by Tom Carney

September 1999
The 'Godization' of Man by F. Lee Thompson
Language of the Heart by Marian Breckenridge

August 1999
About-Face by Judy Norman
...Love Is All You Need by Larry Dugan

July 1999
Heart Fusion by Miki Webb
The Essential Essential by Tom Carney

June 1999
And the Good News  is ....by Tom Carney
n Cancer's Defense by Miki Webb

May 1999
The Shamballa Energy by Sarah McKechnie
The Elixir by Tom Carney

April 1999
Playing with Fire byTom Carney
The Signs of Synthesis and/or How do we Love More? by Carol Houst
Taurus by Adams Moore

March 1999
Breaking Through
by Tom Carney
Spiritual Foundations of Leadership by Gordon Davidson

Feb 1999
Invoking the Heart of L.A
.by Miki Webb
The Los Angeles Heart Project:
    The Balance of the Head and Heart
by Dan Underwood
The Cosmic Change Agent by Tom Carney

Jan 1999
The Significance of  Intergroup Work
by Gordon Davidson
Ready, Aim, Fire by Alex McKinnon
Holiday Message by Tom Carney


Dec 98
The biggest Conspiracy by Tom Carney
Scorpio: Torturing Taskmaster or Discerning Protector? by Miki Webb

Nov 98
Take the Best, Leave the Rest by F. Lee Thompson
Choosing the Right Path in Times That TryMen's Souls by Jeriel Smith

Oct 98)The Merciful Heart and the Light at theCenter of the Dark
Apr 98) Wishing on a Star
Apr 98) Aries


Oct 97) The True Meaning of Group Consciousness
Oct 97) Regarding the Recent loss of Diana
Mar 97 The Ideology Of Love:
Jan 97 Five


Dec 96) Did You Really Mean That?
Nov 96) Fortune Cookies
Oct 96) Priority One
Jun 96) Meditation and the Personal Life
May 96) On the Threshold
Mar 96) Chaos to Coherency


Dec 95) Scorpio: Recollecting Purpose
Feb 95) Sunrise
Mar 89) Walking on Water or Skill in Action 



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