Thoughtline  December 1995

Scorpio: Recollecting Purpose

Toiler, when the energy is transmuted into an ocean of light, does thy consciousness quiver or expand? Toiler, is they heart fearful or Morya Infinity I

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen. Let me start by welcoming you and thanking

you for your willing participation in this invocative effort which we call a

community meditation meeting. We come to these meetings and participate in them

not so much to get something, to hear some wise or informative words from

speakers, but to perform a service on behalf of Humanity.

It is true, these meetings have a rather simple appearance: to the uninformed eye

nothing very spectacular seems to occur: a smallish gathering of people for an hour

or so of talk and meditation. In terms of Planetary evolution one would probably

conclude that these meetings do not appear to be important at all. But, ladies and

gentlemen, they are important, very important. The service we have assembled to

participate in this evening has tremendous significance for the planet. What we are

doing here this evening is not very obvious because it is essentially esoteric work,

work with energy, magical work.

World wide, these apparently simple gatherings are the engine which drives the

process known as the Science of Approach. Through the scientific and intelligent

use of invocation and evocation, these simple meetings develop, to use D.K.'s

words, a stupendous potency. They gather, impound, condense and transmit energy

over what esotericists call the Lighted Way. These meetings are the primary tool of

the New Group of World Servers, the Planetary Ajana center, in the carrying out of

their two fold job of relating and transforming.

Our effort in this Science of Approach is essentially invocative. In this effort, we

gather and include the energy generated by the inchoate longings of the masses of

people on the planet, longings for relief and freedom from hunger and disease, from

fear of war and suffering. To this we add the energy generated by the prayers and

hopes for peace and happiness of the World's religious community and of people of

goodwill everywhere, such as that generated by the recent world wide Bosnia noon

recollection effort. We fold and blend these forces into our own invocative demand

and transmit them through our group meditative effort into very high realms of

consciousness. And make no mistake about this friends, it is a demand we are

making here this evening, a demand for light, love and power. We are thumping

mightily upon the door of the Ashram. We are warriors on the Path, men and

women strong in our faith. We serve Humanity with the strength and the dignity and

power of true love. Humanity must, Humanity will have this needed light, this

needed love, this needed power which will come to us, as it eternally has, by way of

revelation. It will come to us because we willingly, lovingly sacrifice our selves to

the demands that being channels for that revelation make on us. Demand,

Readiness, expectancy, that is the keynote of the new Science of Spiritual


Our role in this three part invocative process is necessarily a group, mental effort.

As any practical magician knows, group meditation involves a number of minds

working together as one mind. This amalgamation of individual minds into one

mind is the source of the penetrating and capturing power of this work. This group

effort starts on a very high level of the mental plane and proceeds, when it is

successful, into higher, much higher, areas of consciousness.

Because we work in group formation, we reach levels of consciousness literally

un-tapable by the separate or individual mind. We are, therefore, able to attract very

high powered helping forces. Through aligning with these forces, the Christ and the

surrounding triangle of the Buddha, The Avatar of Synthesis and The Spirit of

Peace, we are able to contact the Great Beings who constitute that set of Divine

Ideas which we call the Aquarian Age.

One of the reasons, by the way, that there is so much miss information and glamour

surrounding the unfolding Aquarian Age is that this set of Divine Ideas can be

approached, tapped and understood only in group formation. These Great Lives are

even now in the process of revealing themselves to Humanity. It is that process that

the work which we are engaged in here this evening, has been fostering and


So, one can see that these world wide group invocative efforts on the part of the

Planet's esotericists are very important. They play a major role in the very process

of evolution. We humans tend to see life from our very limited perspective, and in

this we see evolution as Humans moving forward into the future, but evolution really

has to do with ideas, which are the future, moving into manifestation, in this case

through Humanity. So, the externalization of the New Age of Aquarius of which the

externalization of the Hierarchy is a keystone is, evolutionarily speaking, what is

going on now. These solar rhythm group meditation meetings are a significant part

of it.

The amalgamation of individual minds into one group mind, that I spoke of a few

moments ago, proceeds on the basis of absolute love and trust which is grounded in

the faith that each of us has dedicated his or her life to the service of humanity.

Nothing short of this individual dedication will work in the construction and

maintenance of the group channel.

It is interesting to note that the lowest plane upon which a group can function is the

mental plane. It is for this reason, among others, that groups are just now coming

into being. Collections of people may or may not be a physical manifestation of a

group. Usually not, because a group is a spiritual organism that is characterized by

the quality of love and a united one pointedness toward some mutually accepted

implementation project. In cases where the group is an actual precipitation of the

"group of souls", the implementation project will be an aspect of the Plan.

So, that essentially is the what, the why and how of the purpose for our gathering

this evening. When being executed by practical magicians, without exception, all

ritual enterprises that deal with energy manipulation begin with a recollection of

purpose and a rededication of the celebrants to that purpose. The esoteric reason for such a recollection and rededication is to protect the work and the workers. The

protection for both flows from the essential purity of the motive which impulses the

celebrants. Effective invocative rituals result in an inflow of energy that if not

directed into proper channels will eventually damage the worker, seriously, and

also seriously set back the aspects of the plan upon whose implementation the group

is working.

Usually this recollection and rededication is an integral part of the ceremony's ritual

of which the magicians in the group are ever-mindful. However, this evening, this

particular ritual is being conducted under the influences of the constellation Scorpio

and of all the signs, Scorpio is ideally suited to the review of purposes. So, we have

begun this evening with an appropriately Scorpio review of the purposes for this

work. It is interesting to note, however, that the Esoteric Ruler of Scorpio is Ray I

and the Hierarchical Ruler is Ray IV. The 6th Ray which is the angle from which

Scorpio is usually viewed mainly deals with the personality side of the issues. (You

realize, of course, that I am not an astrologer and so I get to say stuff like this.)

Many people are aware of the 9 tests of Scorpio, the three tests in the three areas,

and think that Scorpio is about those tests. But Scorpio is really about something

much simpler than that. Scorpio is all about purpose. It is precisely our faithfulness

to purpose which we are testing in Scorpio, nothing more, nothing less. Scorpio

provides the opportunity for us to check out our compass, to see if we have veered

from the course or our purpose.

When we incarnated we each had a purpose for the incarnation, and I think that

each of us knows what that purpose is. Deep down within the quiet recesses of our

hearts, we know why we are here. If you happen to be one of those who is

searching, one of those who thinks you do not know, ask, and listen "with all three

ears." Your heart will tell you. The answer lies within, not without. You do not

have to go to a foreign country, or to the desert or to the mountains. You do not

have to go any further than you own meditation chair to discover the purpose of

your life. If you do not listen carefully, or if you hear the voice of Maya and

mistake it for your heart, you will spend more time wandering in the miry halls of

Maya, and Scorpio will be your guide. As Morya has observed, "It must not be

thought that we are traveling on a luxury train. We are walking on a plank over an

abyss." However, we can choose to stay on the plank.

The tests will come in the carefully detailed areas that D.K. lays out in volume 3 of

The Treatise on the Seven Rays. And they will be unexpected; otherwise, they

would not be tests. So it would seem wise for all of us, in Scorpio, to review what

we think the purposes of our lives are, to call them up into our consciousness, exam

them, probe more deeply into what we think they mean, (Do not be surprised to

discover a new revelation when you examine them.) and to rededicate our selves to

them. In this way one becomes an observer and an initiator rather than an

experiencer of life, and eventually one works one's self free from the wheel of the

Lords of Karma.

So, the purpose of Scorpio's tests are to cause just such a reexamination. As Morya

tirelessly points out, the questions that one needs to be asking when the roof of

one's life seems to be falling in or conversely, when things seem to be going in a

beautiful way are, "Why this and why now?" I am reminded of the injunction of the

great initiate, Aristotle, "The unexamined life is not worth living." and I would add

that it is also very dangerous and probably very painful too. One other injunction

which I think has particular value in Scorpio is Morya's "He who doubts binds a

stone to his leg. He who is afraid constrains his breathing. Do understand the name

of the son of fear and doubt. His name is regret." We do not doubt, we are not

afraid and we never look back.

And finally, friends, the aspect of Scorpio that I think is of the utmost importance,

and almost always over looked, its basic keynote, actually, is that Scorpio is a joy

bringer. Joy in Scorpio! It is impossible to avoid the joy of Scorpio because,

eventually, Scorpio leads to liberation. The joy of Scorpio comes when through the

tests and trials we see the deeper meaning in our lives and realize the strength which

resides in the fact of our essential divinity and we draw on that strength, on that will

to go with it. Wherever it seems to lead, it will, sooner than we think, land us at the

feet of the One Initiator.

Remember, "The path of joyous achievement is a thousand fold shorter than the

path of arduous duty." However, let us not be misled by those moments of

achievement into thinking that we now get to rest. For as Morya also reminds us,

"Comfort is the cemetery of the Spirit", and those moments of achievement are

really but the prefaces to change.

And so, in closing my friends let me quote the words of a co-worker of ours, one of

the finest examples of living the life of the disciple that exists in our collective

memories, a contemporary soul who shared and shares this path with all of us who

read and study the Teaching found in "The Blue Books." It was Alice A. Bailey

who, sounding the clarion call for us all, said "Call down the eagle; call down the

fire; do not look at the ground; be centered in divinity."