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June 2003 - Page 4



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The Royal Road to the Synapses

In the closing, we always caution everyone of the need to guard the high energies we have just contacted, lest we become like Hercules and spoil the Aries labor, because we let the Personality take control and scatter what we have gathered. Our meditative efforts will be most productive if we continue to nurture them with our rhythmic group attention through Wesak and the Gemini Festival. Then the overshadowing good can begin to actually materialize in Cancer.

We have invoked Aries’ gifts of vision and synthesis, and in doing so, we literally have rendered our beings more porous to Spirit. This porous state, at this moment of subjective power, is an ideal time to impress our equipment with peaceful, loving kindness. This technique only takes a minute or two, and is one of the best ways to safeguard the meditative work we have done.

Close your eyes, and remembering that our bodies are 70% water, allow your sense of self to become fluid and wavelike. Surrender to the divine dance of Father God Mother God within you. Imagine loving kindness as a drop of rich blue dye. See this vibrant drop permeate through your whole being much the way Easter egg dye colors an entire bowl of water. Fill yourself to the brim with peaceful, loving kindness.

See it begin to color all with whom you have contact. Take a little time to direct loving kindness to those most dear to you. Now expand this gift to include your friends, …your coworkers, …your neighbors, …and even those you do not like. Imagine how their behavior might change if they saw loving kindness when they looked out at their world. You can be the beginning of that vision for them, if you are willing to forego your own reactivity.

Now remember our pivotal position in the heart center of the country, and experience this group drop of peace and loving kindness circulating out as a healing blue wave to all of these United Sates and then onto the entire world.

Practicing loving kindness, especially when we experience the movement of Spirit in us, eventually allows the energy to penetrate all the way down to the synapses where our thoughts originate. Once the synapses have been sufficiently saturated with peace and loving kindness, we no longer need to “work” at these virtues. Peaceful, loving kindness literally fuses with our perceptive faculties. It then automatically colors our thoughts, speech, actions, feelings and sensations as they arise, transforming our consciousness and our outer world.

Let us seal our work this evening with the 1935 first stanza of the Great Invocation:

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May men of goodwill everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of all men be the keynote at this time.

Let Power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.

So let it be and help us to do our part.

Miki Webb, Aries 2003



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