Thoughtline  March 1997

The Ideology of Love:
A New Ideology for A New Age

New Age will have a new ideology. That's how you can tell it is a New Age and not the same old Old Age. Life, Quality, Appearance; Idea, Ideal, Idol; Purpose, Plan, Model. This is the basic pattern of creation, whether we are talking about the cosmic creation of galaxies, solar systems or planets or the creation of a sonnet or a painting. Evolution is the common name for this process. I know it is not usual to think of the artist as an evolutionist, but the great artists are among the foremost evolutionists. In the past 2000 years, they, more than most, have tapped the intent of God and through their art pulled Idea and Plan into form and pushed Humanity toward its ultimate destiny. We have a purpose. We conceive a plan to implement our purpose. We build or manifest the forms through which we will achieve our purpose.

Evolution is a living process; it is a gradual, very gradual to our limited vision, unfolding of purpose through plan into form. It is impossible, for me anyway, to conceive of an end to this unfolding.

All of the systems that we can imagine, like galaxies or solar systems or planets or institutions, like our political and economic systems, are components of larger or macrosystems. So, our little planet, Earth, is the end result of a chain of Will, Plan and Manifestation. And, as Earth is part of our Solar System, we can assume that Earth's purpose, or the Will behind our planet, a being whom we call Sanat Kumara or God, is undoubtedly a subset of the Purpose of the Solar Logos. The surrender which we have been told occurs at the Fourth Gate for humans in their final transition into the Hierarchy, must occur on the Way of Higher Evolution, too. "Not my will, but Thy Will be done, Oh Lord.", is the remark of the Christ as he was taking the 6th initiation. "The Law of Correspondences is infallible, if rightly approached and applied." A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. V (7R5), p180.

Another, and to me more meaningful way of thinking about Purpose is to think of Purpose as Future. Sanat Kumara's Purpose is our Future, our unavoidable Future. This Future, relatively inscrutable to humans, is conceived as a Plan by those who can see more deeply than we. So, relatively speaking, the Plan which is formulated by the Fifth Kingdom, the Hierarchy, is our Future. Humanity's role in this unfolding process of creation we call evolution is to read the Plan and make the forms.

Our reading of the Plan results in ideologies. We say reality is this or that, the intentions of God are thus and so. The role of humans on the planet is to do this and that. As we gain the power to see this future or as we gain insight into the Plan we become the vehicle through which it manifests. Thus, an ideology is a part of the channel through which Purpose makes its way through Plan into form.

An Age is a kind of cosmic incarnation for God. The New Age, whatever it happens to be, sort of sets the goals and gives the parameters for the Plan through which the next phase of the Will will manifest. In the present case, the goals that have been set and the qualities that will characterize the New Ideology, or the New Paradigm, are those of Aquarius.

The Piscean Age through which we have recently traversed brought humanity to the pinnacle of Self-Consciousness. Pisces is, as anyone may observe, still qualitatively and ideologically very much with us. Our present institutions and systems of beliefs and concepts regarding the nature of reality are based on the ideology of Pisces, which is an ideology of self-consciousness.

Self-Consciousness-like everything in our dualistic Universe-cuts two ways. In one sense, the Piscean experience generated an ideology that has led us deeply into the illusion of separation. There are, it seems, other Wills or forces which have plan and which very strongly influence what patterns forth as model on the physical plane.

The development of self-consciousness has, in many cases, added to the great illusion, and the ideology of materialism and separation grew well during the Piscean Age. The influence of this ideology over even the most advanced and inclusive institutions, of the most advanced and enlightened nations, is very easy to see. Jonah, one could say, had a big hand in building the whale that arrived just in time to swallow or imprison him.

The materialistic ideology of separation and exclusivity is reflected in all of the institutional systems which we have fashioned to implement our best concept of the Plan. One example will suffice. In this country, which is one of the most enlightened on the planet, the whale's ribs-or the bars of separative and exclusive ideology that run through our institutional systems-have actually created an entire class of humans. Ironically, we call these prisoners of the whale, these fellow souls, the Underclass.

The Underclass are a group of people, men, women and children, who are separated and deprived from participating or enjoying the goods of the system only because the ideology of materialism posits as a principle a ladder of exclusivity or privilege. It is a principle of this dark ideology of limitation that people must compete for a limited amount of resources, and that in this competition the truly deserving, the truly strong will rise to the top and, rightly so, enjoy the fruits of the system.

Stephen Crane, a great artist and true evolutionist, commented on this ideology in a poem titled, "The Trees In The Garden."

The trees in the garden rained flowers.
Children ran there joyously.
They gathered the flowers
Each to himself.
Now there were some
Who gathered great heaps-
Having opportunity and skill-
Until, behold, only chance blossoms
Remained for the feeble.
Then a little spindling tutor
Ran importantly to the father, crying:
"Pray, come hither!
See this unjust thing in your garden!"
But when the father had surveyed
He admonished the tutor:
'Not so, small sage!
This thing is just.
For, look you,
Are not they who possess the flowers
Stronger, bolder, shrewder
Than they who have none?
Why should the strong-
The beautiful strong-
Why should they not have the flowers?"
Upon reflection, the tutor bowed to the ground,
"My lord, " he said,
"The stars are displaced
By this towering wisdom.

And then, of course, we have the generous ideology of "Trickle Down."

The ideology of materialism is schizophrenic. It separates human from human and sets us at war with ourselves. The forces of retrogression working through strong, individual, self-conscious people and using "...the voices of lying propaganda, the Word of death... and the Sound of the densest aspect in manifestation-the sound of power in the mineral kingdom," (7R5, p192) work tirelessly to maintain the illusory veils of separation and materialism.

Not a pretty picture. It is so un-pretty that millions and millions of people spend their time avoiding looking at it. Can you imagine how much human energy is spent on watching sports contests and shopping for stuff.

Well, if this were the only side to this story, it would be bleak indeed, but, as any sober "adventuring disciple" who is out there in the trenches knows, it is not. In addition to this separative and selfish twist of self-consciousness, the Piscean experience also brought forth the great Humanistic ideals of self-control and self-reliance. The Piscean experience produced the divine and unique individual who is capable of self-mastery, self-responsibility and ultimately self-surrender, or surrender to the Greater Life which his or her highly focused and one-pointed intellect finally reveals. The keynotes of Pisces are bondage, renunciation and sacrifice. Although God is not quite through with him, Jonah does get himself out of the whale.

The United States is just over two hundred years old. As the existence of the poor and hungry, the disenfranchised, the separated, the underclass indicate, much remains to be accomplished. However, only a blind person would fail to see the tremendous strides we have made in the arena of human relations, in the spread of human freedom and equality.

In that relatively short period of two hundred years, self-conscious individuals, who recognized the fact of the One Humanity and the value of the individual, have caused a democracy-an idea conceived at the very outset of the Piscean Age in Greece 2500 years ago-to be established on the planet. And, while successfully resisting several concentrated efforts engineered by the forces of retrogression to destroy this democracy, such as the Civil War and the World War, of which the worldwide economic collapse of 1929 was a definite phase, these men and women have actually caused democracy to proliferate until it is the primary ideology of government on the globe. These individuals-strong, self-conscious men and women who have recognized their connection to the whole and have devoted, indeed, in many cases sacrificed, their lives for it-are the glory of the Piscean experience.

It has long been said that the Kingdom of Heaven can be entered only through the eye of the needle. Passing though the 'Eye of the Needle" must be a self-conscious and deliberate act. Only the highly developed self-conscious individual can know what is needed in the surrender that allows one to pass through the 'Eye of the Needle." During the Pisces passage, the development of self-consciousness to this high point has prepared untold millions of souls for the next step on the Path of Return.

The great success of the Piscean ideology has brought humanity en masse in the intervening 2500 years to the point where we have actually started the construction of the bridge of synthesis which we like to call the Antahkarana between humanity and Hierarchy, between the Fourth and Fifth Kingdoms. This is the bridge over which the "adventuring disciples" of Aquarius will move the new "...ideological concepts which deal with wholes and which militate against division, separation and isolation" (7R5, p121) into the range of humanity's planners.

In the sacrifice of the self to the larger Life, the long night of the ideology of exclusivity, limitation and separation, finally gives way to the breaking day of an ideological presentation of love and group consciousness, the Aquarian ideology of wholes, of unity and abundance, an ideology of pure reason.

I know that there was a period during the Piscean Age which historians call the Age of Reason. The reason of that age was, for the most part, based on intellect and self-consciousness. However, it was a great age that gave us the political genius of Elizabeth, the immortal works of Shakespeare, Donne and Cervantes, Rembrandt and Rubens and the insight of Galileo, Francis Bacon and Montaigne and eventually Rene Descartes.

In the Aquarian Age, humanity will continue to move from self-consciousness to group consciousness and from intellect to intuition. Aquarius will be a new age of reason, a pure reason based on intuition or Love which is, after all, what pure reason is.

To finish this evening, I want to make a few summarizing remarks about what I call the ideology of reason, and to mention what I think some of the potential impacts of this new ideology will be on life in this new age. Remember, if this sounds a little too far out, "...the impact of energies upon forms produces results which are dependent upon the quality of the forms receiving the impression." (7R5, p75) Obviously, we need to get our acts together

"What is the reason for this?" people will say They want to know why. Reason, of course, is WHY It is not a question. It is an answer. Reason is harmony, cooperation, coherence. Reason is what is right in right relations. Reason is the energy which holds things in right relation, which keeps the planets from colliding. Absence of reason, as I have said on other occasions, is chaos.

Pure reason, as we are told, is Love. It is instant and perfect comprehension of causes. Pure reason is not 'A." Pure reason is not "B," not the Father and not the Mother. Pure reason is that which relates "A" to "B," which gives "A' and "B" existence and meaning. Intellect studies "A" and "B" to discover how they relate. Pure reason knows already If "A" and "B" relate pure reason is why, and it knows itself. Does this sound like intuition? It is supposed to.

Intuition, love and pure reason are synonymous. When one says, "I love you," and really does, one is saying, "I pure reason you," or "I intuit you," or, as Michael in The Stranger From a Strange Land said, "I grock you." That is, 'I understand instantly and perfectly where you are, why you are where you are, and what if anything is out of harmony in your relationship pattern." As Morya pointed out, "The measure of understanding is the degree of Love." Love understands. Wisdom reveals the way to help. Service, an expenditure of Will, is putting Love/Wisdom into action.

Pure reason reveals to men and women that they are that. What appears to be separated and alien is dissolved in the fight of pure reason and men see that they, in fact, are brothers. When man 'A" considers woman 'B" in the light of pure reason, he discovers that he is she. Pure reason reveals the bridge that is there, the common ground or good that exists.

Let us remember, however, that Love does not do anything; it enables or makes possible the doing because Love sees all, knows all, and Love is motivational. If one truly loves, one will care, but the doing is Will.

I leave it to our meditations, to our imaginations, to the dreamers and visionaries among us to continue the formulations of the towers of Aquarian life on this planet. I simply say, in your imagining, in your visioning, be bold, be daring, for there is nothing that Love cannot conceive and Wisdom build if disciples have the Will and the courage to serve.

Tom Carney

by Dan