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About Arcana Workshops


A certain kind of meditation calls out the best that is in us. It enhances efficiency and effectiveness in daily living. It leads to the cultivation of skill in human relations as well as to that deep inner poise which manifests as consistent cheer and courage.

Group meditation unites in loving cooperation all who work for the common good.

The highest human creative capacity is the genius to envision and build a better civilization. Toward that end, we attempt to relate each newly acquired knowledge and each new insight to the general welfare. 

The purpose of Arcana Workshops is to provide the training, atmosphere, companionship and service opportunities necessary to link human aspiration with the overshadowing spiritual realities.


ARCANA invites you ---

  • To explore fresh and joyful capacities of mind.

  • To study with others the Ageless Wisdom as presented by the teachings of Djwhal Khul in the books of Alice A. Bailey and in the books published by the Agni Yoga Society in New York.

  • To practice a certain kind of meditation.

  • To undertake the adventure of group thinking.

  • To understand and rejoice in world progress.

  • To help to create an emotional climate conducive to enlightened planning and living, and independent of war.

A non-profit tax-exempt service oriented corporation

ARCANA is financed by voluntary support. The entire staff of Arcana donates its time, talent and money. The spirit of service animates all departments of the work. Members and friends of Arcana, realizing that spiritual activities require money, give to the full extent of their ability. Arcana is a non-profit tax-exempt corporation.

Arcana Workshops
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home    meditation training    service    study work    thoughtline    about us 

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