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June 2003 - Page 3


Aries: The Doorway to Shamballa

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We are here tonight to absorb, share, circulate and distribute energy in the full moon inflow of Aries, which, as we know, opens the door into Shamballa. The keynote of Aries is “I come forth, and from the plane of mind I rule.” Aries is also known as the source, the beginning and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance of the Kingdom of God on earth, and of initiating the individual into the mysteries. These two themes, Aries as the initiator through the right use of thought, and Aries as the doorway into Shamballa, are two focal points of my sharing with you tonight.  

All of us as disciples know (or should know) about the power and spiritual effect of thought. “Energy Follows Thought,” we are told, and as more and more people are opening their spiritual perception on the mental plane, we are gradually learning to use this power, combined with visualization, to direct spiritual energies to uplift and expand human consciousness. That is why we are here tonight.  

The Expanding Powers of Thought

Thought has greater powers than most of us have fully realized. Thoughts can fly around the world in a second, connecting with thoughts of the same frequency, building into a mighty wave of thought power that can positively affect world events. We saw an example of this with the fall of the Berlin Wall, and then with the accelerated collapse of the oppressive regimes in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Likewise, thoughts of hatred, separation and revenge can create terrible human tragedies, as we have seen in Kosovo, Rwanda and now Iraq.

Thought creates, and the outer world we see is the effect or result of all the thought that has preceded it. The causes of everything we are experiencing today were generated through Divine, individual and collective thoughts. Everything we see in our world today is a product of the past, just as the future is being built from today’s thinking.

Thoughts can also bless at a distance. Many of us have sent healing and loving thoughts to friends, or to those suffering from disease, poverty or war, and sometimes we hear that these thoughts have helped them. Thoughts also follow their creator, for good or evil. This should be a sobering thought for all of us as we observe the sometimes unruly thoughts in our minds, and should give us incentive to create only positive and loving thoughts that heal, not hurt.

Thoughts also affect the entire atmosphere of the planet, and we especially notice it when there is a cycle of darker thinking that threatens to engulf humanity, as we have today. Yet a positive, lighted thought is faster than the speed of light, and can burn through the obstacles and darkness on the mental plane, to strengthen and build a lighted space where good can grow. Thus, as spiritual disciples, the right use of our divine power of thought is one of our greatest responsibilities. As we progress on the Path, we learn to raise our thinking to higher and more expanded frequencies. This means the area of thought we can encompass expands.  

How does this happen? We enter the Path thinking as a self-centered human being, with all of our thoughts about ourselves, our work, our service, etc. Through application of the fundamentals of self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech, we gradually pass through one of the gates of liberation, known as decentralization. We are no longer the center of our life drama, but we are focused more on thoughts of our family or group need, and how to meet it. We are beginning to think like a disciple.  

Gradually as we increase our service and expand our thinking, we ask ourselves, what is the focus of human consciousness today, and what ideas and spiritual teachings are needed to raise human consciousness towards the light? We ask what is the next step in the manifestation of the Divine Plan that needs to be implemented? And we become impressed and inspired with the part of the divine Plan that we and our group can contribute to bringing into the world. When this occurs we are thinking the way the Ashram thinks.  

Even later, we begin to think like a Master of the Wisdom. We would be concerned with long cycles of time, with world movements of thought and energy, with planting the seeds of spiritual initiatives that will bear fruit hundreds, or even thousands of years in the future.

A master is concerned with the birth, life and death of civilizations, the cycles of ray lives, and ideas that need to be presented to humanity. Through the power of our thought, we can add our thinking to contribute to these great movements of thought and help change human consciousness.  

Then our thought expands into Christed thought, in which the salvation and redemption of the entire human family and all kingdoms of nature occupies our thought life. And finally our thought expands to the purpose of manifested Life, to the question of Earth’s relationship to the solar system and the ultimately to the Cosmos, and we find that our thought has lifted us into, and ultimately through, the doorway into Shamballa.  


In Shamballa we find an organized council of extra planetary Beings, including the Divine contemplatives, the Nirmanakayas, receiving extra planetary spiritual energies through the lens of the Solar Logos. These beings meditate unceasingly on the purpose of the Solar Logos, and then in turn reflect that purpose to our planetary Logos, who then implements it through his unceasing Will in our world.  

This purpose remains for the most part still inscrutable even to most of the Masters, yet we know a few faint outlines of it:  

To establish, through goodwill, right human relations on the earth, and with all kingdoms of nature;  

To share and circulate the resources of the earth so that each incarnated soul has enough to live in joy and dignity;  

To help every soul understand the purpose of life as the evolution of consciousness;  

To help each soul transform their karma, evolve their consciousness, and realize their potential as fully as possible in service to all life.  

This is enough purpose to keep all of us occupied for centuries to come!!

What else do we know about this most esoteric of energy centers on our planet, Shamballa?  

We know that certain highly evolved 6th degree Arhats are able to directly receive this energy from Shamballa and the Lord of our Planet, Sanat Kumara, step it down and make it available to the 5th degree Masters who relay it to other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We also know that at certain designated times, the energy of will from Shamballa is released directly to humanity on our planet, and we know that this happened in 1925,1975 and again in the year 2000. When this occurs, major changes in human life and civilizations are stimulated from this direct inflow of the Shamballa energy, entering through the grouping of stars we call Aries. In past cycles they have caused major world wars, massive social change and emergence of new forms of human living. We are now in the midst of such a time, as we are seeing the outworking of the impact of the Shamballa force released in 2000 in human life and affairs.  

In addition to the release in 2000, there was an event in May, 2001 that occurs only every forty nine years, according to the Tibetan. At that time, the 6th Degree Chohans met in conclave prior to making Their great decisions regarding their own upward movement into the realm where the Will of God is known, Shamballa. At that, time they decided what measures the Hierarchy should take in relation to humanity, and these Chohans set in motion certain energies and forces which cause great changes on Earth. The direction and effect of these changes are determined by the response of humanity to the opportunities and challenges presented by the energies being released.  

During the May 2001 period, an intergroup gathering of representatives of 16 esoteric groups from around the world, under the auspices of the World Service Intergroup, met in Darjeeling, India for 5 days of meditation during the Wesak Full Moon period. One of the purposes of the gathering was to open as a group to impression regarding the Decision of the Arhats and its possible implications for humanity. The group later published a synthesis of their impressions called the Darjeeling Declaration. I would like to share with you a small part of that intergroup impression regarding the decision of the Chohans at that time:

The Great Decision

“The Great Decision for humanity is whether it will tread the lighted Way and choose to throw off the shackles of all that binds it to the lower realms and liberate itself into the freedom of the Spirit. The Decision of the Arhats is to provide the energy to humanity to make this liberation possible despite whatever upheavals and destruction this may cause in humanity. For destruction of the form is preferable to the death of the spirit, and the living death of souls in bondage. Power will flow to all that liberates humanity from its chains, and power will be removed from all that enslaves the Spirit. The time has come for humanity to be free.

The Externalization and Reappearance is beginning now, and the true government, led by disciples and initiates, will be in place by 2025.  

This statement about providing the energy for humanity to liberate itself, despite whatever destruction of form might result, was only 4 months before the 911 attack in New York, which was the beginning of an unfolding chain of events, the ultimate outcome of which is still being determined today by human choices. This decision of the Arhats, combined with the release of the Shamballa force in 2000, are two of the key inner causes for the current upheaval we see in our world and civilization. Forms are being broken down, so that more of humanity may be free to grow and unfold its consciousness in alignment with Divine Purpose and Plan.  

Let us look at the release of the Shamballa energy through Aries more closely. We know that Shamballa focuses three fiery energies which affect the life and forms it contacts. These are the energies of purification, destruction and organization. We currently see the destructive use of the Shamballa energy based on the choices of humanity, rather than its higher use -- to express the synthesis that already IS.  

Today, we see the descending Shamballa energy being appropriated by the Old Group of Self Servers, (OGSS), utilizing this energy to implement a plan for world domination. Misguided money powers have worked to usurp United States democratic institutions, and other OGSS seek to control oil and other resources of the world by any means necessary, including war. The Shamballa force is thus being misused for conquest rather than synthesis.  

The real danger to the Plan from the Iraq war is not the destruction of form, but the reversal of sixty years of international consensus that preemptive attacks on another nation are illegal and unacceptable under the UN Charter. The other fundamental issue is based on the spiritual recognition that the outcome of any action is determined by the motives behind it. Thus even though there are some positive motives, the dominant one is greed and desire for power, which means that the outcomes of this war for humanity are likely to be mixed and not truly beneficial.  

Fortunately, however, the hubris of these little minds and wills of men (and they are mostly men!) cannot prevail against the REAL SUPERPOWERS on this tiny planet, Sanat Kumara, the Lords of Shamballa, and the Lords of Karma. Even though these dark powers have been able to gain a temporary control because most of humanity has been asleep in a materialistic trance, the karma from the causes which have been set in motion will be the benevolent awakener of the sleeping ones.  

The resulting karmic results could have the ultimate beneficent effect of breaking down old, outmoded forms such as the feudalistic and dictatorial regimes of the Middle East, as well as the control which the hidden money powers exercise over the policies and priorities of the United States government and military. This could serve to open human consciousness to new possibilities, for as the Tibetan has told us, “in the destruction of form lies hid the secret of all evolution.” A Treatise On White Magic P. 371

We know that the outcome is assured, as nothing, NOTHING, on this planet can ultimately stand for long in defiance of Divine Purpose and Will. Portions of humanity can choose to oppose that Will, but ultimately they will be swept aside as the heart of humanity sounds the note of the new civilization – the note of Synthesis. For Humanity is beginning to identify as One -- One Life, One Living entity, and recognize we are our brother and sister’s keeper. This is the Yoga of the new Age, the Yoga of Synthesis through identification with the whole.

The Tibetan tells us that one of the ways that the Will of God expresses on this earth is through the voice of the people. The timeless saying “Vox populi, vox dei,” the voice of the people is the voice of God, is an earlier expression of this truth. Once this awakening realization that we are all One life -- all peoples, races, nations, and kingdoms of life on earth, -- once this realization becomes widespread, nothing can stand against this power, for it is the power of synthesis, the Being of our planetary life. For the Heart of Humanity is Sound, and it will triumph, when it is fully filled with love for Humanity and the light and Purpose of the Divine.

So when we have emerged from this current cycle of destruction, and hopefully, the resulting purification of motives, how could the third aspect of the Shamballa energy, organization come about? We all know that the incoming 7th Ray of Ceremonial Order and Manifestation is linking spirit and matter, the highest and the lowest, and is stimulating the creation of more purified and transparent forms, thus allowing a greater expression of Spirit into our world, hastening the redemption and uplifting of humanity and the very matter of manifestation.

The keynote for this new expression of Shamballa, which is intended to create the new civilization, is Synthesis. What do we know about synthesis? The Avatar of Synthesis, releases the new Synthesis energy to the Planetary Logos and the Christ, Who in turn transmits it to the Ashram of Synthesis via its focal points, the Masters, M, R and DK. From the Ashram it is released to humanity to assist us in developing the capacity to stand in synthesis on the mental plane, and create a civilization that reflects this synthesis that IS.

As disciples, we need to identify with this synthesis to transform our consciousness and change our inner reality. When we think about all the people, nations, and the amazing range of consciousness and appearance on this planet, how much can we include? Where do we need to broaden our thinking? Can we begin to identify with the Being who is holding all this. Synthesis is the BEING of the planetary Logos, it is the Beingness aspect, the being who can hold all these realities in consciousness. Synthesis IS. It is an aspect of Being. We, as disciples, and as hyperactive Americans, need to practice Beingness. As the Buddha might say if he were with us today, “Don’t just do something, stand there!” Stand in spiritual being.

But then, how can we functionally understand this synthesis? Synthesis takes the best from the past, and what is relevant and useful from the future, and applies it in the present. It is a synthesis through time. Thus, Synthesis is not just a knowing, but a state of being, where the capacities of heart, mind and will can, by being identified with the synthetic whole, participate in the creation of the new civilization. We do this by building on the best of the past, by bringing the relevant parts of the future into the present, including its guiding laws and principles, and by living in the eternal NOW which includes it all.

But synthesis also is a synthesis in space. We are seeing this synthesis in one dimension of space being built through our modern worldwide travel and networks of communications: television, telephone, telecomputers, and an emerging telepathy. Today humanity is approaching a recognition of its omnipresence and omniscience through the use of the internet, which I think of as training wheels for telepathy. Someday, we will do everything we do today with the internet simply through the power of thought, and all you will need then will be someone’s “T-mail” address. We know, as the Tibetan tells us, that this will lead to, a “subjective synthesis that will eventually annihilate time.” A Treatise On White Magic P. 403 We see this already underway with the disappearance of time when we are linking online with other minds from all around the planet. In that shared cyberspace, we may find ourselves in the synthetic NOW which encompasses past, present and future.

Ultimately, we will move into a synthesis of and through multiple dimensions, as scientists prove the vast synthesis of dimensions that stands behind our manifested world, and more people experience a synthetic awareness of these multiple dimensions, the “many mansions” that the Christ spoke of.

So friends, we have seen that learning to use our Divine gift, the power of thought, gives us the power to create our world. We have also explored how to expand our thought, first as a disciple, then as a Master, then as the Christ ultimately opening the doorway into Shamballa.

Thus we fulfill the keynote of Aries, “I come forth, and from the plane of mind, I rule.”

We have explored some of the deeper causes behind the current upheaval in our world and the necessity for breaking through whatever holds human souls in bondage. We have seen how we can use the power of identification to BE the Synthesis that IS. And as we identify with this synthesis we find that it transcends both time and space, and we live in the Eternal NOW.

So, let us NOW use our Divine power of thought to lift ourselves to the Masters, the Ashram, the Christ and into Shamballa, identify with the One, and radiate this alignment in blessing to all humanity and all kingdoms of life.

Gordon Davidson, Aries, 2003


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