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The Evening Review

1.) Arrange a time and place, as close to the day's end as possible, wherein you can be alone and undisturbed for five to fifteen minutes. Relax for a minute. Then raise your consciousness into the head. When stabilized on the plane of mind, sound the Sacred Word once (inaudibly), breathing it out towards the Soul, and lifting your consciousness into the Soul where you take your stand.

2.) Say with quiet confidence:

"I stand in the light, the One who can observe."

3.) Then using the illumined mind as a searchlight, look backwards over the day's events from evening to that day's beginning. All happenings do not warrant equal attention.


Use only one question each evening
and use a different question each evening so that all are used each week.
These questions will help you to see each day from the Soul's point of view.

1.) What did I contribute this day to the emotional climate of my environment?

2.) How spiritually effective am I in my particular sphere of activity?

3.) Did I talk about myself today? Why?

4.) The path of service leads to liberation. Has there been any liberating influence in my life today? Liberation of whom? From what? By whom?

5.) Is there some habit in my daily life which dims and distorts the light of my Soul? Is there some habit that is hindering my increasing usefulness in service?

6.) My ideas, my wishes, my aims, my dreams -- have I let them come before my brother's need for loving understanding?

7.) Do I realize where I stand? Whom I can help? To whom I should look for example, aid and understanding?

8.) When talking about other people today, were my comments harmless and appreciative? Did my words tend to build a bridge of understanding or a separate wall?

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