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Series 2:


Study Set 7
The Teachings of the Christ


Seed Thought
Reading Assignment
Written Work to be Completed
Letter from Teaching Staff
Aquarian Energy Stimulates and Promotes
Group Effort and Group Progress
World Teachers: Personifications of the Second (Love) Aspect of Deity


The goal and the meaning of existence is to strive upward beyond the limits of the known, and to help one another.

Reading Assignment:
Reappearance Of The Christ Chapter 5, pages 102-136


1. What does "right human relations" mean to you?

2. Write out your reasons for accepting the idea that man's soul manifests (reincarnates) again and again and again.

3. All of us have deep lasting relationships with a very few people, ties too precious to permit them to be damaged by emotional storms or interpersonal friction. Sometimes we are tempted to sever such a relation in order to get away from an unpleasant problem or difficult situation that we share with these fellow souls. Yet the experiencing together of severe trials or intense difficulty really strengthens and beautifies the inner bond between souls.

Call to mind such a soul relationship, someone you feel you have known in earlier lives, a relationship you expect to endure beyond the present lifetime. Realizing that the soul chooses and utilizes different personality vehicles (the mental, emotional and physical bodies) and different environmental settings each lifetime, how will you recognize such a soul companion in a new setting and when incarnated in an unfamiliar set of bodies?

Dear Group Brother,

In the preceding lessons of this series one of our aims has been to aid in impressing your mind with the idea that the soul is group conscious, that the soul is interested only in group concerns, and that each morning, we, the group members of Arcana, as souls, meet on the plane of mind to further the work of bringing light and love to humanity, thus advancing the plan for right human relations.

We realize that this idea of group endeavor leading to group progress and accomplishment is a relatively new concept. It is, therefore, not likely to be grasped by the student without some effort. This is especially true for the correspondence student. In view of this, it is not unusual for the correspondence student to sometimes discover that he is in the peculiar position of knowing that he is a part of a specific group ( in this instance, Arcana Workshops) but not quite believing he is a part of it. It is universally common for individuals to find themselves resisting the reality of that which has not been fully demonstrated to them on the outermost levels of perception.

Thus far, your only solid contact with Arcana's main body has been via the postal service. With study sets, meditation instructions, written work, and monthly letters being dispatched back and forth across the country (and in some cases across the ocean) it would not be surprising if you were to feel, as one student put it, "like a group representative 'in the field', keeping in touch with the home office." In a very real sense, this analogy is a good description of an important part of Arcana's group function. But, as desirable and as necessary as this outer aspect of the work is, the underlying activity of the group, which knits it together and clarifies its purpose, goes beyond all concrete exchange between individuals.

The person who, upon reaching a certain point of maturity in his own life, aspires to join an assemblage of workers dedicated to serving the common good is naturally attracted to those people who are of a like mind and heart. Their approach to world problems, community problems, and family problems parallels his own. Investigation would reveal that the souls of these people are units in a living group organism which incarnates cyclically as it moves along its evolutionary path. It (the group organism) demonstrates its cohesive quality and its unified purpose through the interaction of the mental activity of its members.

Many great thinkers of all ages have believed that man's mental capacity is not limited to his own memories of past experiences and learned facts. They believed that there is a point in consciousness at which man penetrates into a coaxial network of minds, thus gaining access to broad areas of knowledge which, with the advancement of time, is revealed to be "common knowledge." However, in the beginning, this knowledge is only "common" to those minds engaged in joint exploration or any joint endeavor -- even though they believe themselves to be working separately and independently.

For example, in the year 1857, it was not quite common knowledge that the energy of light is transmitted at a velocity of about 186,000 miles per second by a wavelike or vibrational motion. It certainly was far from common knowledge in the small Russian village of Ijevsk, the home of one K.E. Ziolkovsky. Ziolkovsky was the son of a Polish forester; his mother came from a family of Russian artisans. At the age of ten he became dangerously ill with scarlet fever which caused deafness; his hearing never returned. His deafness made it difficult for him to attend school, but he studied zealously, especially mathematics and physics. Even that was difficult because there were only a few doubtfu1 books. But he managed to absorb the basic principles of science and those few fundamental facts he could find in the books he had. In this way. he not only satisfied the small requirements of a pupil; soon afterward he even satisfied those of a teacher and became an instructor at the school of Kaluga.

Most of the time he got up at dawn, went to school, and hurried home as quickly as possible to do his private work. The latter mainly concerned problems in physics, but he also worked on some inventions. At the age of twenty-three he submitted a few scientific papers to the St. Petersburg Society for Physics and Chemistry.

When his papers were received there they caused not a little consternation; the reaction was partly incredulous and partly indignant. The papers dealt with some aspects of the theory of gases, but most importantly with Ziolkovsky's method of measuring the velocity of light. At first glance it seemed as if somebody with a restricted mentality had tried to gain some doubtful fame by doubtful methods. But a careful reading of the manuscripts made it clear that their author, the teacher Konstantin Eduardovitch Ziolkovsky, simply did not know that his theories on gases had already been known for twenty-four years and that the velocity of light had been determined by others decades before.

One of the leading men of the Society took it upon himself to write to Ziolkovsky, to inform him about his strange misfortune. Ziolkovsky passed over his disappointment later with the remark that it had been "good practice" but he concentrated on inventions from then on. He also became interested in airships and shortly thereafter he began to work on a large all-metal ship. This interest caused him to branch out into the infant field of spaceships and to become one of the first researchers in rocket development. His work received great acclaim from other leading scientists around the world who welcomed Ziolkovsky into their company.

The story of Ziolkovsky graphically illustrates the principle of subjective group dynamics. Ziolkovsky mind was part of a Scientific Group Mind operating on its own network frequency. Through concentrated effort he tapped the stream of energy flowing throughout the group, and he shared in the group knowledge and in the group work in spite of the fact that he was physically isolated from his comrades in scientific exploration.

The stream of energy flowing throughout Arcana is available to all of the group units in precisely the same manner. During the daily meditation work each unit in the group deliberately attempts to tune in with the consciousness of his group brothers. He does this by focusing his mind upon the seed-thought which, coming from the Tibetan's teachings or other hierarchical points carries with it hierarchical energy as well as the added energy of the group.

WEBSTER'S NEW WORLD DICTIONARY defines group work in this way: " ...that branch of social work concerned with helping groups or communities of people to advance their individual and collective needs and interests."

We, the group that is Arcana, keep as our goal the advancement of groups, communities, and nations of people toward right human relations. You, the group member, are an essential part of the plan.

Your loving group brothers,



In Aquarius, [ the sign into which we are now advancing ] the man awakens to the beauty of group life, group interest and his individual responsibility towards the group and begins to live his life and to spend himself in the service of humanity. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY p. 145)

The Law of Group Progress has a peculiarly close relation to the new Aquarian Age.

Certain germ ideas are emerging into the human consciousness. These differ peculiarly from those of the past, and it is these widely different ideas which are the distinctive characteristics of the new age, the Aquarian Age. Hitherto the great ideas which succeeded finally in controlling a race in any age have been the gift of the intuitive sons of men to their generation. Advanced human beings have then seized upon the intuited idea, subordinated it to the process of mentation, made it desirable, and then have seen it come into being through the "agency of recognition," as it is occultly called. One illumined mind would sense the divine idea, needed for the growth of the racial consciousness, and then would give it form; the few would recognize it and thus foster its growth; the many would eventually desire it and it then could manifest experimentally and sporadically all over the civilized world of any age, wherever culture of any kind made itself felt. Thus the idea was manifested.

The time has now come when there are enough people to be found who -- having established enough soul contact so that they can begin to touch the world of ideas (upon the intuitional levels of consciousness) -- can employ a new technique. Together and as a group they can become sensitive to the incoming new ideas which it is intended should condition the new age that is upon us; together and as a group they can establish the ideals and develop the techniques and methods of the new schools of thought which will determine the new culture; together and as a group they can bring these ideas and ideals into the consciousness of the masses, so that schools of thought and world religions can be blended into one, and the new civilization can emerge.

Looking at the whole problem from another angle, it might be stated that the effort of the past has been to raise the consciousness of humanity through the pioneering efforts of its foremost sons. The effort of the future will be to bring down into manifestation the consciousness of the soul through the pioneering efforts of certain groups. It has therefore, as you will readily understand, to be a group effort because the soul is group conscious and not individually conscious; the newer truths of the Aquarian Age can only be grasped as a result of Group endeavor. This is relatively a new thing. In the past, a man had a vision and sought to materialize it with the aid of those whom he could impress and influence to think as he did; a man sensed an idea or intuited an idea and then tried to give it form,of the Christ later calling in the help of those who saw his idea as an ideal; a man had a great ambition which was, in reality, a dim grasping of a part of God's general plan, and he then became a group leader or a ruler, with the assistance of those who succumbed to his pointer or to his right to guide, lead and dominate them. And so, progressively, the race has been led from point to point and from stage to stage of unfoldment until today many are seeing the vision, sensing the plan, and dreaming dreams which they can work out together. This they can do because they recognize each other, because they are beginning to know themselves and each other as souls, because their understanding is united and because (and this is of prime importance) the light of the intellect, the light of knowledge, the light of the intuition and the light of understanding is evoked within them; it enters not from without; and in that light, together, they see Light. It is a group activity, a group recognition, and the result of group at-one-ment.

All this is, however, so new and relatively so rare that these groups remain as yet in an embryonic stage. We call them the seed groups of the new age. (EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY pp. 26, 28-31)

Let me remind those I reach through these books that the main result I look for is one of group cooperation and understanding, and not that of individual benefit. By studying and reading with care, a group interplay is set up, the group becomes more closely integrated, the units in it more closely linked together and as a group more closely blended in the unfolding Plan of the Great Ones. We are building and planning for the future and for humanity, and not for the personal unfoldment of any particular aspirant. The individual growth is of no tremendous significance. The formation and development of a band of pledged aspirants, trained to work together and to respond in unison to a teaching, is of real moment to those of us who are responsible for the training and for the preparation of the group of world disciples who will function with freedom and power in a later cycle. You see a tiny portion of the Plan. We see the Plan as it unfolds for a series of lives ahead, and we are today seeking those who can be taught to work in group formation and who can constitute one of the active units in the vast happenings that lie ahead, connected with that two-thirds of humanity who will stand upon the Path at the close of the age, and with that one-third who will be held over for later unfoldment. We are training men and women everywhere so that they can be sensitive to the Plan, sensitive to their group vibration, and thus able to co-operate intelligently with the unfolding purpose. It is a mistake to think that the Plan is to train aspirants to be sensitive to the vibration of a Master or to the Hierarchy. That is but incidental and of minor importance.

It is for the purpose of training aspirants so that group awareness may be developed that these books have been written. Recognize clearly that you personally do not count, but that the group most surely does. Teaching is not given only in order to train you or to provide you with opportunity. All life is opportunity, and individual reaction to opportunity is one of the factors which indicate soul growth. For this, the training school of the world itself suffices.... Any student who thinks clearly and applies the teaching to his dally life is contributing most valuably to the group awareness. (SEVEN RAYS Vol. I, xvii-xix)

From the standpoint of Those Who see and guide, therefore, every group is constructing something that is relatively tangible and governed by certain building laws. The great work of the Builders proceeds steadily. Often that which is built is inchoate, futile and without form or purpose, and of no use to either gods or men. But the race as a whole is now coming into an era wherein the mind is becoming a potent factor; many are learning to hold the mind steady in the light, and consequently are receptive to ideas hitherto unrecognized. If a group of minds can be so drawn together and fused into an adequate synthesis, and if they (in their individual and daily meditation) keep focussed or oriented towards that which can be apprehended, great concepts can be grasped and great ideas intuited. Men can train themselves -- as a group -- to think these intuited ideas of the true and the beautiful and of the Plan into manifested existence, and thus a creation of beauty, embodying a divine Principle, can be built. Ponder on this, seek to fit yourselves for the registering of these ideas, and train yourselves to formulate them into thoughts and to transmit them so that others can apprehend them also. This is the nature of the real work to be done by the new groups, and students today who can grasp this idea have the opportunity to do some of this pioneering work. A1ways the individual of advancement and of poise has been able to do this intuiting, and to concretize the idea. Groups of students meditating synchronously should now attempt to do the same. The effort to synchronize effort does not relate so much to the time element as to unity of intent and of purpose. (SEVEN RAYS, Vol. I, 11-12)

I desire to give you a truer and more accurate picture. This has now become possible because group awareness, group relations and group integrity are coming to the fore in the human consciousness. As this takes place, the personality which is individual, separative and self-centered will recede increasingly into the background, and the soul, non-separative, group conscious and inclusive, will come more and more to the fore.. Increasingly the planetary, the systemic

and the universal picture will stand out in the awareness of the individual; he will then regard himself only as an integral part of a far more important whole and his world group wll1 interest him far more than himself, as an individual. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, p. 6)

The blended invocation and the united call from the different levels of the human consciousness will bring a mighty appeal to bear upon the hidden Centers of the "Saving Force. It is this united appeal which you must now organize. Thus the mass of humanity will be stimulated to move off the Mutable Cross on to the Fixed Cross and the new world cycle, beginning in Aquarius (one arm of the Fixed Cross) will be definitely inaugurated by humanity itself. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, p. 573)

Through the experience in Aquarius the disciple emerges on the physical plane into the position of a world server; all world servers are decentralized workers and are governed by the need and the reactions of the mass or group. That is one of the reasons why, when in training, disciples are absorbed into a Master's group which is integrally a collection of individuals who are imbued with the group idea and are learning increasingly to react to it. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, p. 219)

This Law of Croup Progress embodies one of the energies which have gradually been released over the past two centuries. A fuller tide was swept into activity at the time of the May, 1936, full moon and now the growth of the group idea, both in its good and bad aspects, can be imminently expected. As has several times been pointed out to students, this law is connected with a certain realized impulse in the minds of men, and this is, in its turn, the effect of various types of energy, which are playing upon the earth. The name "Law of Group Progress" is the phrase given by human beings to a particular type of energy which is producing the coherence of units in a group, thus forming them into one living organism. The recognitions eventuating are those of group affinity, group objective, and group goal. It is, in the last analysis, the emergence into the subjective consciousness of the same type of energy which produces that aspect of cohesive action which demonstrates as tribal, national or racial unity. In this case, however, the determining factor is not of a physical connotation nor have these groups a physical plane basis. (SEVEN RAYS, Vol. II 194-5)

I would suggest to investigators that the entire theme of "cyclic impulse" be approached from the angle of the group, forgetting, as this is done, the glamour of the personality impress. The sweep of known history will aid in this, indicating -- as it does -- the possibility of clarification and the usefulness of classifying and isolating group activity and character down the ages. When the major reincarnating groups are thus distinguished and their work for the fourth kingdom along many lines is more clearly seen then the whole subject will be better understood, evoking the play of the intuition. This demonstrates a second fact of importance, namely that, as yet, it will only be possible to trace the progress of advanced souls in incarnation and not trace at this time, the cyclic appearing of the unevolved. They are the "material units" which have to be saved by the more advanced. The theme of service and sacrifice runs, unrecognized, through history. The key to the understanding of these reincarnating, saving factors lies in a coming intuitive ability to recognize the reincarnating groups, as groups and not individuals, through their ray qualities, and it was for this purpose that I gave in DESTINY OF THE NATIONS a statement as to the rays governing certain nations. Groups are governed by the astrological signs and by the rays just as individuals are, and these rays affect them, via the ruling planets. I have here opened up to you a very wide field of research and I have indicated a most interesting new form of historical investigation and record. The history of the future will be the history of the evolving plans of God as they work out through the serving groups of egos who will come into physical incarnation under the influence of "divine duality" to carry forward the development of the lives which constitute the form through which divinity is seeking full expression. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, pp. 326-27)

Esoterically speaking, the point of greatest interest lies in the fact that it is group rebirth which is taking place all the time and that the incarnation of the individual is only incidental to this greater happening. This has been largely ignored or forgotten because of the intense and selfish interest in personal experience and living, evidenced in the speculative details anent individual return given in the current so-called occult books, most of which are largely inaccurate and certainly unimportant.

An intelligent understanding of the Plan is needed before the real truth anent reincarnation can emerge with clarity in the public consciousness. Groups of souls come into incarnation cyclically and together in order to further the Plan and permit that interplay to proceed between spirit and matter which makes manifestation possible and which extends the working out of the divine ideas as they exist in the Mind of God. When the Plan (as the Hierarchy understands it) is more familiar in its objectives and its mode of functioning upon the outer plane of life, we shall see a complete change in the presentation of the teaching concerning the Law of Rebirth. (ESOTERIC ASTROLOGY, p. 325)

The Elder Brothers of the race called a conclave of all departments about the year 1500 A.D. (WHITE MAGIC, pp. 402)

They sought to prepare man for that period which would approximate 2500 years, and which could if duly utilized, bring about the unification, consciously and intelligently, of mankind, and so produce the manifestation of what I prefer to call "scientific brotherhood" in contradistinction to the sentimental connotation of the term now so prevalent.

It appeared to Them at that time that it would be necessary to do two things before the coming potencies of the Aquarian age could profitably be employed. First of all, humanity must have its consciousness elevated to the mental plane; it must be expanded so that it included not only the world of emotion and of feeling but also that of the intellect. The minds of men must be made widely and generally active, and the entire level of human intelligence must be raised. It was necessary, secondly, that something should be done to break down the barriers of separateness, of isolation and of prejudice which were keeping men apart from each other and which They foresaw would increasingly do so. Cycle by cycle, men were becoming more and more wrapped up in their own selves -- satisfaction and exclusiveness, and racial pride. The result of this would lead inevitably to wide cleavages and the erection of world barriers between nation and nation, and between race and race.

This determination of the members of the Hierarchy to train the minds of men more rapidly and to build towards a more synthetic unity brought them to a decision which involved the formation of group units, and brought about the emergence of those groups of workers and thinkers who, through their activities, have so largely governed and moulded our world for the past three or four centuries. We have therefore, dating from this conclave, the inauguration of definite and specific group work along clearly defined lines, with each group standing for some peculiar presentation of truth and for some aspect of the knowledge of reality.

These groups fall generally into four major divisions; cultural, political, religious, and scientific. In more modern times three other groups have definitely emerged; they are the philosophical, the psychological, and the financial groups. Philosophers have, of course, always been with us, but they have been for the most part isolated units who have founded schools characterized by partisanship and separativeness. Now there are no outstanding figures as in the past, but groups who represent certain ideas. It is of profound importance that the work of these seven groups of thinkers be recognized as part of the hierarchical program, designed to produce a certain situation, to bring about certain preparatory conditions, and as playing a definite part in the work of world evolution as far as humanity is concerned. (WHITE MAGIC, pp. 405-406)

The tendency to aspiration and to service is right and good and should be seen as forming part of the coming universal consciousness and equipment of the race as a whole. It is steadily coming to the surface owing to the growing strength of the Aquarian influence which (from about the year A.D. 1640) has been gaining in potency and is producing two effects; it is breaking down the crystallized old forms of the Piscean age, and is stimulating the creative faculties, as they express themselves in group concepts, and group plans. As all of you well know, this is the cause of the present disturbed conditions and these conditions can be summed up in the words: impersonalization wherein the state, group or groups are regarded as of more importance than the individual and his rights; amalgamation, which is the tendency to fuse, blend, and cohere and to produce that interrelation which must eventually mark the intercourse of humanity and produce that "synthesis of all the single men", which Browning so truly remarks is the goal of the evolutionary process and marks the conclusion of the journey of the divine prodigal; and sensitive intercommunication between units, groups and combinations of groups, both on the subjective and objective sides of manifestation. In these three words -- impersonalization, amalgamation, and intercommunication -- you have summed up for you the outstanding phenomena which are appearing among us at this time. Students are urged to consider the plan as it is thus expressing itself, and to study these growing tendencies in human affairs. The fact that they are so prominent will appear, if the student will take the trouble to consider the panorama of history; he will then note that even the history of five hundred years ago will reveal to him the fact that at that time great individuals were the prominent factors, and that history is concerned largely with the doings of powerful personalities who cast their spell over their time and age; then isolation and separateness governed human affairs and every man fought for his own land and every man forgot his brother and lived selfishly; then there was little interrelation between different races or between human families, and there was no real means of communication, except that of personal contact, which was frequently impossible.

Students should therefore ponder on these words which will be found to become of increasing importance during the next fifty years. (WHITE TRAGIC, pp. 619-620)


The various systems of the world religions point to the triple nature of deity, and of man.







Divine Self

Higher Self

Lower Self



That which is Perceived



The field of knowledge



The mind (this is the crystal, reflecting the thought of the thinker)


First Pole

The Point of Union

Second Pole

First Logos

Second Logos

Third Logos






Active Intelligence










The Self

The relation between

The Not-Self

The Knower


The Known






The great and satisfying reply to all human questioning and human need is to be found in the doctrine Of Avatars, and in the continuity of divine Revelations. This is the persistent belief -- ineradicable and unalterable -- that (at major moments of world need) God reveals Himself through Appearances, through a Coming One. This doctrine is found in all the basic world religions, in every time and age; it appears in the doctrine of the Avatars of the Hindu faith, in the teaching of the return of Maitreya Buddha or the Kalki Avatar, in the belief in the Western world in the return of the Christ and His Advent or second Coming, and in the prophesied issuing forth of the divine Adventurer of the Moslem world. All this is tied up with the undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God, Who ever meets man's need. The witness of history is that always the appearance of man's necessity has been met with a divine Revelation.

The reason for this faith, innate in the human heart, is to be found in the fact of the nature of Deity itself. The Christian statement that "God is Love" is founded on that deepest, recognized, spiritual fact. (THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY, 285-6)

Ever down the ages and at each human crisis, always in the hour of necessity, at the founding of a new race, or in the awakening of a prepared humanity to a new and wider vision, the Heart of God --- impelled by the law of compassion -- sends forth a Teacher, a World Savior, an Illuminator, an Avatar. He gives the message which will heal, which will indicate the next step to be taken by the race, which will illumine a dark world problem and give to man an expression of a hitherto unrealized aspect of divinity. Upon this fact of the continuity of revelation and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine nature is based the doctrine of Avatars, of divine Messengers, divine Appearances, and inspired Prophets. To all this history unmistakably testifies. (THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY, 289)

[ The Teaching Avatars ] sound a new note in the realm of thought and of consciousness; they reveal the next needed truth; they pronounce those words and formulate those truths which throw light upon the spiritual development of humanity. Such Avatars were Plato, the first Patanjali and Sankaracharya; they emerge upon the second ray line of energy, in the department of the Christ and are expressions of hierarchical force. When I say the department of the Christ, I would remind you that the name "Christ" is that of an office -- an office that has always had its Head. I do not mention the Christ or the Buddha as among these Avatars because They are Avatars of another class and of infinitely greater potency. (THE EXTERNALISATION OF THE HIERARCHY, 298)

[ One department of the planetary hierarchy ] has the World Teacher for its presiding Head. He is that Great Being Whom the Christian calls the Christ; He is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the One looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Iman Madhi. He it is Who has presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and He it is Who has come out among men before, and Who is again looked for. He is the great Lord of Love and of compassion, Just as his predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom. Through Him flows the energy of the second aspect, reaching Him direct from the heart center of the Planetary Logos via the heart of Sanat Kumara. He works by means of a meditation centered within the heart. He is the World Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels, and-to Him is committed the guidance of the spiritual destinies of men, and the development of the realization within each human being that he is a child of God and a son of the Most High.

Just as the Manu is occupied with the providing of the type and forms through which consciousness can evolve and gather experience, thus making existence in its deepest sense possible, so the World Teacher directs that indwelling consciousness in its life or spirit aspect, seeking to energize it within the form so that, in due course of time, the form can be discarded and the liberated spirit return whence it came. (INITIATION HUMAN AND SOLAR, 43-4)

The one who experiences, who incarnates and who achieves divine expression through the medium of form is the soul, the self, the spiritual conscious man, the Christ within. When through this experience he has achieved maturity, he reveals the Father or spirit and so fulfills the words of Christ, when He said (in reply to Philip's question "Lord show us the Father"), "He that hath seen me hath seen the Father". {John XIV} (THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL, p. 322)

There are three books which should be in the hands of every student, the BHAGAVAD GITA, the NEW TESTAMENT, and the YOGA SUTRAS, for in these three is contained a complete picture of the soul and its unfoldment.

In the GITA we have given us (in its eighteen chapters) a description of the soul, of Krishna, the second aspect, in his true nature as God in manifestation, culminating in that marvelous chapter where he reveals himself to Arjuna, the aspirant, as the soul of all things, and the point of glory behind the veil of every form.

In the NEW TESTAMENT there is depicted for us the life of a Son of God in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil, the soul in its true nature walks the earth. It becomes apparent to us, as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers of the soul, to attain liberation, and become, in full glory, a God walking on earth.

In the YOGA SUTRAS there are embodied for us the laws of that becoming, and the rules, methods, and means which -- when followed -- make a man "perfect even as your Father in Heaven is perfect." Step by step there is unfolded for us a graded system of development, leading a man from the stage of average good man, through those of aspirant, initiate and master on to that exalted point in evolution at which the Christ now stands. John, the beloved disciple, has said that "we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is" and the revelation of the soul to man in physical plane incarnation works ever the great transformation. (THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL, p. x-xi)

"In whatever way men approach Me, in that way I love them; in all ways the sons of man follow My way, O son of Pritha." (BHAGAVAD GITA, p 70)

"I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." (John XIV-6)

Through the unfolding and use of the heart center the love-wisdom aspect is brought into use, and the love of God is seen working out in a man's life and work. Of this the Christ was the outstanding example to the Occident, as Krishna was to India, and this has to be reflected and manifested also in every man. (THE LIGHT OF THE SOUL, p. 320)

What I will say now is very important. The canon, "By thy God" is the higher, and this canon is the basis of the New World. Formerly one said: "And my spirit rejoiceth in God, my Savior." Now you will say: "And my spirit rejoiceth in God, thy Savior."

Solemnly do I say that therein is salvation. "Long live thy God!" So you will say to everyone; and, exchanging Gods, you will walk to the One.

Thus, find the God of each one and exalt Him. One can understand it in mind, but it is more important that it be accepted in the smile of the spirit. When the most difficult becomes easy, like the flight of birds, then the stones themselves unite into a Dome, and Christ the Mason will appear to each one. (LEAVES OF MORYA'S GARDEN, Vol. II pp. 124-125)

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