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Study Work


The following pages contain the study material, meditation work and other information regarding the "Daily Disciplines" that are part of a series of work within Arcana Workshop's meditation training program. At this point we have not indicated or listed any specific service activities to go with this series of work. However, service is an essential part of any occult, esoteric training program. It is actually the third leg of the program, study and mediation being the other two. If you undertake this work, you will need to set up some form of practical service activity that is consciously and deliberately entered into. It is the service effort that safeguards both the work and the worker. To tap spiritual energy that is not directed into selfless service is playing with fire. This can and does lead to very serious problems of both a psychic and physical nature.

By placing this material on the World Wide Web, we realize that we are making things occult and esoteric available to any eyes. Please know that the more valuable and deeper understandings of this material will not be reachable by the simply curious. The new knowledge that is embedded within this work is not open to a superficial lower mind approach. It takes all three: study and meditation, coupled with a true selfless service project to engender the sort of consciousness that will be open to the revelations imbedded within this material.

Even so, there is much here that will be of interest to the casual and curious intellectual. And it may be that one's curiosity will encourage one to delve deeper into the Ageless Wisdom. The essential tools for such a journey are, once again, meditation and selfless service. It is the Soul in us who understands and it is the Soul in us that we can reach through meditation and selfless service.

We have made available all of the teaching material for some of our study series, the "White Magic" series is the first one you should study.  This is the series which we use to introduce new groups or students to the Work. There are no "beginner" series in Arcana, so the work connected with this series is as advanced as any that you will eventually find here. This work is appealing to the student trained in Western educational systems. The emphasis is on the occult rather than the mystical Path.

These study sets were originally used in a correspondence system. They have questions with them to which the student would respond in writing. These questions were designed to help the thinking along certain lines and to enable the student to penetrate more deeply into the material. The questions also have a tendency to ground the student in the life of practical service. You may find that using these questions as thought issues for your self will be of use to you, too.

We would urge all students who use this material to read carefully the Extract from a Statement by the Tibetan which appears at the close of Study Set 1. This statement contains essential information for anyone wishing to travel the razor-edge King's Road.

We invite your feed back, questions, comments and so forth.

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