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Series IV:
(Knowledge Essential to Contemporary Esotericism)

Study Set 8

Full Moon Observance In The Meditative Life


Seed Thought
Reading Assignment
Letter to Student


......a sealed vase, wherein he carries all his aspiration to cast before the feet of Him Who waits to greet him at the gate -- a sealed vase.

Reading Assignment:

1) A TREATISE ON THE SEVEN RAYS Vol. II – Esoteric Psychology, pages 683-751

2) FULL MOON STORY - pdf file

Dear Fellow Student:

This study set is made up almost entirely of teaching about the importance of the time of the full moon. Because of the length and importance of the FULL MOON STORY, we are not including any other teaching material which might possibly dilute your concentrated attention on this essential aspect of esoteric training.

In the FULL MOON STORY - pdf file you will find gathered together passages from the Tibetan's various books, since the complete full moon teaching is not available in any single book. Here is presented:

    1. The reasons for the importance of the full moon work;

    2. The relation of the new moon and full moon to the meditative life;

    3. The cause and nature of the spiritual opportunity provided in regular full moon observance,

We believe that you will be as enthusiastic and delighted with this little-known aspect of the Wisdom Teaching as we are. All of us on the staff and in the workshops have received a fresh shaft of inspiration from this illuminating and magnetic material. This is seed teaching. When it has been assimilated and acted upon, it will form the solid base from which the religion of the Aquarian period will rise.

We take joy in knowing that you are sharing with us new discoveries in the "world of meaning" and further adventures in consciousness.

Your friends,
The Staff of ARCANA

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