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The network of souls underlies all phenomena. This must be known, not conjectured. Thus brotherhood will be established, and the force of forms negated.


Reading Assignment: WHITE MAGIC Pages: 447-492


Please answer the following questions out of your own thinking, rather than searching through the book or study set for quotable answers. You are urged to give considerable attention to this aspect of the subjective work. The more time, the more thought you give to it, the more spiritual help you will receive through your studies. These are quite searching questions. If you wish, try to formulate written answers to these questions. The effort you give to expressing your thinking about them is in itself a method of calling into activity hitherto unused parts of your mental equipment.

A Three-part Paper on HARMLESSNESS:

1.) What does HARMLESSNESS mean to you? Please answer as clearly and fully as you can.

2.) How would you compare HARMLESSNESS with NON-VIOLENCE?

3.) Imagine, if you will, an embryo chick within an egg. If the chick is to experience birth, the outer form of the egg (its shell) must be shattered and destroyed. If the eggshell is preserved intact, the chick will die before he is born. Thus we see that each new step of evolution poses a choice: i.e., whether to preserve the form, leaving the life within to shrivel and die; or whether to shatter the form and release the indwelling life to further growth. A growing life cannot be contained within a non-changing form.
    a) How do you apply the principle of harmlessness to such a choice? Give it careful thought and write out the results of your thinking.

    b) Can you see how your own developing spiritual life will from time to time pose a comparable choice for you: i.e., whether to preserve certain forms of activity, forms of behavior, forms of thought and desire; or whether to shatter old forms and release the spiritual life into new avenues of progress and new forms of expression? Give one or more "for instances".

Dear Meditator-in-Training:

Intelligent, active personalities are often involved in the affairs of the outer community. This is commonplace. Their motives are personal ones -- prestige, fame, money, or simply activity of a constructive kind which acts as a safety valve for inner pressures. There is nothing wrong with this; service of a high order is performed when based upon these motives. But such personalities are working with what is familiar to them. They are preserving the status quo.

When the personality begins to meditate and perseveres in this training, the soul, which is being invoked, causes its personality to become involved in the outer community in a different way, from a different point of view. At the beginning of this soul infusion the neophyte is apt to be caught up into heaven, to be too much in love with the future to notice the present. For him nothing has value except the spiritual vision which dawned upon him, and finding a way to express it so the world will know.

The neophyte, if he pursues the meditative life, will become the initiate server who knows that the status quo which the personality strives to preserve is a Latin phrase that means "the mess the world is in." He will constantly and daily relinquish a part of his past and all of his present to serve the clear spiritual vision he perceives of the near future. His whole life will become a series of practical steps by which he can reveal his vision to the world of men and inspire them to move toward it.

When we examine our own efforts to be helpful in the outer community we may find that we are inclined to run ahead of ourselves and to put more energy than quality and thought into what we tackle. Which of us has not, early in our esoteric study, decided that some friend or relative would greatly benefit from information we could give him, and when we extended this favor out of the goodness of' our hearts (and the weakness of our heads) we were met with blank looks or even anger. The eager neophyte does not clearly assess the needs in the field of service; he knows there is need, he feels compelled to help, but the clear, spiritual vision of the soul is not yet his.

The soul-in-service is not concerned with the affairs of the personality life at all. Selfless, sacrificial, creative effort characterizes such work. The initiate server never labors for recognition or fame though sometimes it comes anyway. He assumes responsibility for what he does whether it is well or ill received, and he learns to stand unmoved in the face of' plaudits or censure. The initiate is neither mired in the past nor lost in the future, but is a freely moving agent of the Divine Plan presently unfolding.

When we begin to meditate, we sometimes enter a period of such conflict that we can be driven away from the meditative life by the very strength of the struggle. It is as if the soul energy, brought in by meditation, enlivens and makes stronger all the facets of the personality life. Obstructions arise on every hand as well as within ourselves which seek to put a stop to meditation. We cannot serve the outer community realistically and practically as souls would serve unless we contact the soul through meditation, and yet we seem to be prevented from meditating by a myriad of events, relationships, even inner doubts.

This is the time to stand back and look at ourselves. The conscious, daily letting go of the past is distinctive of that stage of evolution which is called the Initiatory Path.

The less experienced server-in-training tends to cling, through lack of discrimination, to non-essentials. He clings to relationships because they are of long duration, not because they have depth of meaning or spiritual significance. He allows happenings of a purely surface nature to interrupt his spiritual rhythms; self-questioning of his ability to live at depth, to learn to meditate, can become so clamorous as to nearly deaden his aspirations. Because he is reluctant to let the past die, to turn a deaf ear to inner and outer distractions, the quiet and gentle voice of' the soul goes unheard, unattended.

But if we persist in our efforts to learn to meditate, we will begin to see more clearly, to know more deeply, to feel more truly; and upon these fruits of meditation, spiritual service to the outer community depends.

Let us go forward then as a group, in true spiritual companionship, moving with dedication and practicality, daily improving the quality of our service.

Your steadfast friends,

The Staff of ARCANA


Just what do we mean by Integration? We are apt to bandy words about with unthinking lightness and inexactitude; but, dealing as we are with a development which is becoming increasingly prevalent in the human field, it might profit us for a moment to define it and seek to understand one or two of its major implications. It has to be regarded as an essential step, prior to passing (in full and waking consciousness) into the fifth, or spiritual kingdom. We regard the physical body as a functioning aggregate of physical organs, each with its own duties and purposes. These, when combined and acting in unison, we regard as constituting a living organism. The many parts form one whole, working under the direction of the intelligent, conscious Thinker, the soul, as man is concerned. At the same time, this conscious form is slowly arriving at a point where integration into the larger whole becomes desirable and is finally achieved-again in the waking consciousness. This process of conscious assimilation is carried forward progressively by the gradual integration of the part into the family unit, the nation, the social order, the current civilization, the world of nations, and finally into humanity itself'. This integration is, therefore, both physical in nature, and an attitude of mind. The consciousness of the man is gradually aroused so that it recognizes this relation of the part to the whole, with the implied inter-relation of all parts within the whole.

The man who has awakened to full consciousness in the various aspects of his nature -- emotional, mental and egoic -- realizes himself first of all as a personality. He integrates his various bodies with their different states of consciousness into one active reality. He is then definitely a personality and has passed a major milestone on the Path of Return. This is the first step. Inevitably, the evolutionary process must bring to pass this phenomenal occurrence in the case of every human being, but it can be produced (and is increasingly so produced today) by a planned mental application to the task, and an intelligent consideration of the relation of the part to the whole. It will be found that the purely selfish, material personality will eventually arrive at the condition wherein the man will be conscious of integrated activity and power, because he --

1. Has developed and integrated his own separative "parts" into one whole.

2. Has studied and used his environment, or the whole of which his personality is but a part, in such a way that it contributes to his desire, his success, and his emergence into prominence. In doing this he necessarily has had to make some living contribution to the whole, in order to evoke its integrating power. His motive, however, being purely selfish and material in objective, can only carry him a certain distance along the path of the higher integration.

The unselfish, spiritually oriented man also integrates the various aspects of himself into one functioning whole, but the focus of his activity is contribution, not acquisition, and, by the working of the higher law, the Law of Service, he becomes integrated, not only as a human being within the radius of the prevalent civilization, but also into that wider and more inclusive world of conscious activity which we call the Kingdom of God.

The progress of humanity is from one realized integration to another; man's basic integrity is, however, in the realm of consciousness. This is a statement of importance. It might be remarked -- speaking loosely and generally -- that

1. In Lemurian times, humanity achieved the integration of the vital or etheric body with the physical body.

2. In Atlantean times, humanity added to the already achieved synthesis still another part, that of the astral nature, and psychic man came definitely into being. He was alive and at the same time sensitive and responsive to his environment in a wider and more specialized sense.

3. Today, in our Aryan race, humanity is occupied with the task of adding still another aspect, that of the mind. To the achieved facts of livingness and sensitivity, he is rapidly adding reason, mental perception and other qualities of mind and thought life.

4. Advanced humanity upon the Probationary Path is fusing these three divine aspects into one whole, which we call the personality. Many hundreds of thousands stand at this time upon that Path, and are acting, feeling and thinking simultaneously, making of these functions one activity. This personality synthesis comes upon the Path of Discipleship, under the direction of the indwelling entity, the spiritual man.

This integration constitutes alignment and -- when a man has achieved this -- he passes eventually through a process of reorientation. This reveals to him, as he slowly changes his direction, the still greater Whole of humanity. Later, upon the Path of Initiation, there will dawn upon his vision, the Whole of which humanity itself is only an expression. This is the subjective world of reality, into which we begin definitely to enter as we become members of the Kingdom of God.

5. Upon the Probationary Path, though only during its later stages, he begins to serve humanity consciously through the medium of his integrated personality, and thus the consciousness of the larger and wider whole gradually supersedes his individual and separative consciousness. He knows himself to be but a part.

6. Upon the Path of Discipleship, the process of integration into the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Souls, proceeds until the third initiation is undergone.

All these various integrations work out into some definite form of activity. First, there is the service of the personality, selfish and separative, wherein man sacrifices much in the interests of his own desires. Then comes the stage of service of humanity, and finally, the service of the Plan.
SEVEN RAYS, II 348-351


The average aspirant, man of goodwill, or disciple, is constantly aware of the challenge of the times and the opportunity which spiritual events may offer. The desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends is ceaselessly gnawing away within his consciousness. No one who loves his fellowman, who has a dream of seeing the Kingdom of God materialise on earth, or who is conscious of the awakening of the masses -- slow though it may be -- to the higher spiritual values, but is thoroughly dissatisfied. He realizes that what he contributes of help to these desirable objectives is little indeed. He knows that his spiritual life is a side issue; it is something which he keeps carefully to himself and which he frequently is afraid to mention to his nearest and his dearest; he tries to dovetail his spiritual efforts into his ordinary outer life, struggling to find time and opportunity for it in a gentle, futile and innocuous manner. He finds himself helpless before the task of organising and rearranging his affairs so that the spiritual way of living may dominate; he searches for alibis for himself and eventually rationalises himself so successfully that he ends by deciding that he is doing the best he can in the given circumstances. The truth is that he is doing so little that probably one hour out of the twenty four (or perhaps two) would cover the time given to the Master's work; he hides behind the alibi that his home obligations prevent his doing more, and he does not realise that -- given tact and loving understanding -- his home environment can and must be the field in which he triumphs; he forgets that there exist no circumstances in which the spirit of man can be defeated or in which the aspirant cannot meditate, think, talk and prepare the way for the coming of the Christ, provided he cares enough and knows the meaning of sacrifice and silence. Circumstances and environment offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life.

Perhaps he hides behind the alibi of poor health, and frequently behind that of imaginary ills. He gives so much time to the care of himself that the hours which could be given to the Master's work are directly and seriously curtailed; he is so preoccupied with feeling tired or tending to a cold, or with fancied heart difficulties, that his "body consciousness" steadily develops until it eventually dominates his life; it is then too late to do anything. This is particularly the case with people who have reached their fiftieth year or over, the trouble then is predominantly with women. It is an alibi which it is hard not to use, for many feel tired and ailing and this, as the years go by, is apt to get worse. The only cure for the creeping inertia is to ignore the body and take your joy in the livingness of service. This leads to a longer life. I speak here not of definite disease or of serious physical liabilities; to these right care and attention must be duly given; I speak to the thousands of ailing men and women who are preoccupied with taking care of themselves, and so waste hours of the time which could be given to the service of humanity. I ask those who are seeking to tread the Path of Discipleship to release those many hours spent in needless self care into the service of the Hierarchy.

Still another alibi leading to inertia is the fear people have of speaking about the things of the Kingdom of God to others; they are afraid of being rebuffed, or of being thought peculiar, or of intruding. They therefore preserve silence, lose opportunity, and never discover how ready people are for the discussion of realities, for the comfort and hope which the thought of Christ's return can bring, or for the sharing of spiritual light. This is essentially a form of spiritual cowardice, but it is so widespread that it is responsible for the loss of millions of hours of world service.

There are, brother of mine, other alibis, but the three above noted are the most common; the release of the majority of aspirants from these hindering conditions would bring to the service of the Christ (to use the language of the labour union) so many man hours and so much overtime endeavour that the task of those who admit no alibis would be greatly lightened and the coming of the Christ would be much nearer than it is today. What we call inertia is not simply psychological in nature. The qualities of matter or substance itself are involved. Inertia is the slowest and the lowest aspect of material substance and is called in the Eastern philosophy, the quality of tamas. It has to be transmuted into a higher quality, that of activity or (giving it its technical term) its rajasic quality, and this leads later on to the highest quality of rhythm or sattva. To the rhythm of life under which the Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy operate, and which vibrates in harmony with human need and hierarchical response, I call you not. I do, however, call you to demonstrate the quality of activity and to refuse to hide behind alibis. It is essential that all aspirants recognize that in the place where they now are, among the people who are their karmic associates, and with the psychological and physical equipment with which they are endowed, they can and must work. I shall not labour this subject. There is no possible coercion or undue pressure exerted in the service of the Hierarchy.

Where there is acquired knowledge and when no use is made of it, there exists a condition of' danger and subsequent penalty.

With increased esoteric teaching comes increased exoteric responsibility. Let each student with clarity therefore take stock of himself, remembering that understanding comes through application of the measure of truth grasped to the immediate problem and environment, and that the consciousness expands through use of the truth imparted.

The disciple has to take himself as he is, at any time, with any given equipment, and under any given circumstances; he then proceeds to subordinate himself, his affairs and his time to the need of the hour -- particularly during the phase of group, national or world crisis. When he does this within his own consciousness and is, therefore, thinking along lines of the true values, he will discover that his own private affairs are taken care of, his capacities are increased and his limitations are forgotten. He takes his place with those who perceive the needs of' the coming cycle -- a cycle wherein the new ideas and ideals must be stressed and for which a fight must be made, wherein the wider plans for the good of the whole must be understood, endorsed and preached, the new and clearer vision for human living must be grasped and finally brought into being, and a cycle wherein the effort of all members of the new Group of World Servers must be given to the lifting of humanity's load.
TELEPATHY, 196-197

It is essential that there should be a presentation of [world affairs] in terms of the spiritual welfare of humanity and a truer interpretation of the meaning of the word "spiritual". The time is long past (or should be) when a line of demarcation can be drawn between the religious world and the political or the economic. The reason for the corrupt politics and the greedy ambitious planning of' so many of the world's leading men can be found in the fact that spiritually minded men and women have not assumed -- as their spiritual duty and responsibility -- the leadership of the people. They have left the power in the wrong hands and permitted the selfish and the undesirable to lead.

The word "spiritual" does not belong to the churches or to the world religions. That is truly spiritual which properly relates man to man and man to God and which demonstrates in a better world and the expression of the Four Freedoms throughout the planet. For these the spiritual man must work.

I have no interest in helping or teaching those who divorce the affairs of the world and of humanity from spiritual teaching and selfless living. I have no use for mystical visionaries and esoteric students who love to wander in the high realms of abstract thinking and amass details of occult or mystical information, but who refuse to understand that the changing of the old order, the awakening of humanity to the new possibilities and the purification of the political and economic arena are today the factors of' the greatest spiritual value. That is spiritual which has for motive the establishing of the kingdom of God on Earth; that cannot take place until much has been changed in human affairs and living.

[Eventually there will be inaugurated a world] in which it will be realized that -- politically speaking -- humanity, as a whole, is of far greater importance than any one nation; it will be a new world order, built upon different principles to those in the past, and one in which men will carry the spiritual vision into their national governments, into their economic planning and into all measures taken to bring about security and right human relations. Again, may I repeat: spirituality is essentially the establishing of right human relations.

When [the Christ] comes at the close of this century and makes His power felt, He will come as the Teacher of Love and Unity, and the keynote He will strike will be regeneration through love poured forth on all. As He will work primarily on the astral plane, this will demonstrate on the physical plane in the formation of active groups in every city of any size, and in every country, which will work aggressively for unity, co-operation and brotherhood in every department of life -- economic, religious, social and scientific.

These groups will achieve results now impossible ..........

Indication of the nearing of this event will be seen in the reaction which will be set up during the next twenty-five years (1925-1950) against crime, sovietism, and the extreme radicalism which is now being made use of by certain powers to achieve ends contrary to the plans of the Lord. The era of peace will be ushered in by a gathering together on earth of the forces which stand for construction, and development, and by a conscious deliberate banding together of groups in every land who embody the principle (as far as they can vision it) of Brotherhood. Watch the signs of the times, and be not discouraged over the immediate future.

The New Group of World Servers provides a field of service for all who are seeking service expression; it also provides a rallying point for all who are willing to be tried out, and a place where their motives and persistence can be tested, prior to a steady unfoldment of spiritual opportunity. The server is thus freed for ever enlarging areas of service.

The New Group of World Servers provides essentially a training ground and a field of experience for those who hope to grow in spiritual stature and to fit themselves to be the active directed disciples of the Christ.

This is primarily a group which, while working on the outer plane of daily, physical living, yet preserves a close, inner, spiritual integration with the centre of energy from which it can draw all that is needed for active, spiritual work.


22. You understand that Earth cannot live without community. You understand that without the broadening of the heavenly ways the existence becomes nil. The New World is in need of new boundaries. The seekers must have a path. Is it narrow throughout the entire horizon? It is fortunate that the seekers do not have to bend the ear down to earth but may turn their gaze upward into spiritual heights. It is easier for the ray to seek out uplifted heads. And every movement of the world is conditioned by the community.

26. Of what use are miracles which are contrary to nature? Here is a miracle -- when thou canst bestride thy steed and with the manifested sword defend the community of the World. As simply will the New World begin.

50. The Community, as Fellowship, can unprecedentedly accelerate the evolution of the planet and give new possibilities of intercourse with the forces of matter.

168. When the banner of the community is unfurled as a realization of necessity, then life will become winged in each day's action. As long as it is thought that the community is an experiment, so long will the community be found in the alchemist's jar. Only a firm realization of historic necessity will bring the community into life.

189. He who affirms the community contributes to the hastening of the evolution of the planet. Each and every petrifaction and immobility signifies a return to primitive forms.

Pay attention to the history of the past; you will perceive clear jolts of progress, you will see graphically that these jolts coincide with manifestations of the idea of community -- cooperation. Despotic states have been destroyed, attainments of science have been secured, new ways of labor have arisen, benevolent boldness has shone forth, when the banner of cooperation was unfurled.

If humanity had thought more often about cooperation, it already long ago would have entered into universal understanding of the Common Good.

75. The Community is arrived at in clarity of thinking. The manifestation of thinking produces a clear, inexpressible responsibility. We are very solicitous that the realization of responsibility should not forsake you.

36. Precisely, without fear and as much as possible doing things oneself. Correct is the manifestation of personal responsibility. Neither miracles, nor quotations, nor actions; but affirmation strengthened by personal example. Even a mistake in daring is more easily remedied that is abject mumbling.

39. In order to play the game of hidden twig, the searcher must look for it -- not the one who hid it. Not without reason do the Hindus call the Highest Being the Player. Verily, the Earth is to be saved by earthly hands, and the Heavenly Forces are sending the best manna; but if ungathered it is transformed into dew. How then not to rejoice when gatherers are found?

63. Seekers can understand that one has to proceed along material lines in pursuing higher knowledge. Whoever does not love the clarity of crystals will not reach Us. Unrepeatable purity means perfection of form. One may show a crystal to a child, and the child will grasp the perfection of it. Indeed, the structure of the crystal of the community will yield perfection of form.

103. A cosmogonic Hindu tale relates: "There lived long ago a terrible monster who devoured people. Once the monster was pursuing an intended victim and the man, seeking to save himself, plunged into a lake. The monster sprang after him, but the swimmer threw himself on the back of the monster and took firm hold of its projecting crest. The monster could not turn over on its back because its belly was unprotected. It rushed about in a furious course, waiting for the man to become exhausted. But the thought came to the man that, in maintaining his desperate plight, he was saving humanity, and with this panhuman thought his strength became unlimited and inexhaustible. The monster, meanwhile, increased its speed until sparks formed a fiery wake. Amid flames the monster began to rise above the earth. The universal thought of the man had uplifted even the enemy.

When people see a comet they give thanks to the valiant one, eternally striving, and the thoughts of the people speed outward to give new strength to the rider of the monster. White, yellow, red, and black people direct their thoughts to him who long ago became fiery."

49. My Hands know not repose. My Head upholds the weight of the works. My Mind searches out the solidity of solutions. The power of experience defeats alien infirmity. At the point of loss do I pour in the new possibilities. On the line of retreat I build strongholds. In the eyes of the enemy I wave the banner. I call the day of fatigue a day of repose. I recognize a manifestation of non-understanding as rubbish on the threshold. I can conceal the sacred in the folds of a working garment. A miracle means for Me only the mark of a horseshoe. Courage means for Me only the arrow in the quiver. Resoluteness for Me is only the daily bread.

56. Let us begin to labor, surrounding ourselves with a thousand eyes. Let us acquire purity of thought and co-measurement of actions. Thus let us fill our days; let us become used to mobility and decisiveness. Likewise, let us not forget that there is nothing on Earth higher than the given Plan for the Common Good.

57. Verily, it is necessary to have ten exit lanes for one fire. Strong is an action when there are ten solutions behind it. The inexperienced need a fire behind them, but those who have been called may find all the entrances open.

48. Do understand the name of the son of fear and doubt -- his name is regret. -- Indeed, regret after entering upon Great Service cuts off all the effects of former labors. He who doubts binds a stone to his leg. He who is afraid constrains his breathing. But he who is regretful of his labor in behalf of the Great Service terminates the possibility of approach.

40. Light extinguishers are the particular servants of the dark forces who are occupied with putting out fires in the Subtle World. The stronger the attack of darkness the more actively do they destroy each point of light. We do not know a time of greater darkness in the Subtle World. Every false Olympus has sunk into twilight. But just now is no time to be occupied with them; now is the time to consider the earthly plane. The world in its present state is like the sea in a tempest.

Striving is the boat of the Arhat. Striving is the manifested unicorn.
Striving is the key to all caves. Striving is the wing of the eagle.
Striving is the armor of the heart. Striving is the world manifest.
Striving is the multitude of stars.

104. Strive to the guiding thought about help to humanity. Think clearly that you are performing not a personal act, nor a group act, but an absolutely useful act. That done by you timelessly and without the limitation of space becomes a labor for the unification of the worlds. Preserve this guiding thought.

When one is guided daily one may lose consciousness of the guiding thought. Weak minds think that they remain without connection with the guide -- the details of daily routine reduce them to ordinariness. But, indeed, amidst daily routine it is possible to grow flaming thought. As a metal is forged with an ordinary hammer, and as seed filled with the great substance of life is gathered with an ordinary sickle, so amid ordinary matters look for the thread of greatness.

54. In cosmic constructions service requires a change of consciousness.... Joy in Service can be experienced only through an expanded consciousness.

53. Speak to your friends, that they should learn to observe the real according to the outbreak of the events. Otherwise they remain readers of a newspaper edited by a knave.

72. The secret of the future lies in the impetuosity of striving. The eruption of a volcano cannot be delayed; likewise, the Teaching cannot be deferred.

165. To learn to enhance and uplift thought about the future means to occupy a place in it which will grow together with the consciousness. He who does not await external aid knows the value of his own hammer. Whoever knows the path into the future can carry his catch without fear. Whereas, a part of humanity does not even see the thread into the future. Broken loose and swept about like autumn leaves, they raise the dust from alien bazaars. A cloud of dust will veil the gates of the community, and dusty thinking will turn all into rubbish.

When it is dark and threatening, then keep the consciousness upon the future. We call the future a flying carpet. Teach children to fly high. Replace the legend about the ark with one about the air-ship.

189-90. Say to the hypocritical contemplators that if contemplation is a tension of energy and accumulation for a leap, then from the "Lion" comes ordainment of such action. But if contemplation is indolence and indifference, then it is impossible to represent this shameful pastime as a great Covenant.

192-93. Beware of those who have no time. Being falsely busy indicates first of all inability to make use of the treasure of time and space, and such people can execute only the primitive forms of labor. It is impossible to attract them to construction.

We know many workers who find an hour for the most important; it does not seem to them that they are too occupied. Whoever is not grudging in his work will receive bounteously. This quality of containment of labor is indispensable for the expansion of consciousness. Can anything replace the joy of the growth of consciousness?

46. I know people who have let the call escape them on account of their porridge. But My arrow is let fly in the hour of need. My Hand is ready to lift up the veil of the consciousness; therefore, comeasurement of the small and the great, of the recurrent and the nonrecurrent is needed. Exert yourselves to understand where is the great! I say -- time is short!

222. The flame of aspiration does not depend upon the body.

245. Two sailors were shipwrecked and cast away on a desert Island. Both nearly perished from hunger and terror, for they considered themselves forever cut off from the world. A ship picked them up. And later there was erected on the island a strong lighthouse. These same two sailors remained at the lighthouse to save the other perishing ones. Now their frame of mind was altered. They were happy, directing the light of rescue and no longer feeling themselves cut off from the world. This means that realization of communion with the world and of usefulness to others completely transforms people. Work in common is a pledge of success.


ARCHETYPAL - Refers to the original idea or pattern of which all things of the same type, all lives of the same species, are copies. Through the agency of a superhuman group of meditating lives, ideas are reflected from the plane of archetypal concepts down onto the abstract subplanes of the mental plane. Through the agency of creative thinkers using the lower concrete mind these abstract ideas are then clothed in substance of the lower concrete mental subplanes; thus, they become thoughtforms ready to be stepped down into physical manifestation. Ideas in the mind of God are meditated upon and translated downward from plane to plane by groups of creative workers in their various grades and orders from the highest plane to the lowest. At each stage of the descent into manifestation a form is built on one plane to envelope and express a life on the corresponding higher plane. In a sense each plane is archetypal to the one below it.

AURA - It comes from a Latin word for "breeze." It is a raying forth, a subtle invisible emanation from each of the various bodies of man. It is the radiatory influence of a condition of consciousness or state of being. The health aura emanates from the etheric body and forms a protective field of emanating vitality around the dense physical body; it tends to offset or thrust away influences or impacts from the environment that threaten or are detrimental to physical wellbeing. The emotional aura represents the emanatory influence of a person's inner emotional attitude and feeling condition; it accounts for the highly contagious quality of any intense emotion. The mental aura is made up of thought forms and mental attitudes; in the case of a clear, powerful thinker, it accounts in large measure for his influence on public opinion in his environment. The aura of the initiate manifests as light from the higher etheric centers; it accounts for the enlightening and healing influence upon the environment exerted by the highly energized, well-organized thought life of a trained and powerful mind coupled with a compassionate inclusive heart.

ESOTERICIST - Formerly regarded as one concerned with inner values and concrete knowledge; one who pursues a body of knowledge designed for and understood by initiates. Presently an esotericist is known as one who works with energies and forces, who sees all life as an ordered pattern of energies playing upon and influencing forces. The esoteric student, the esoteric apprentice, is learning to understand the nature and quality of the seven major streams of energy that comprise all life. The trained esotericist, the initiate server, is one who works consciously, creatively, in the world of energies to help to manifest the Plan. He is the white magician, using magic on the plane of consciousness rather than in the world of forms. He uses magic to serve the evolution of other lives, of the whole, and never for self-gain or self-promotion.

KAMA MANASIC (Kam = to desire; man = to think) - The term has to do with the principle of mind as it operates under the direction of desire. The result is a reflex elemental interaction between the lower mind and the astral plane -- predominantly astral at this time due to the        emotional polarization of the majority of people.

KARMA (action) - Karma is the law of causation, or cause and effect. As it relates to human experience, it is personal desire for the fruits of action on the physical plane which binds humanity to the wheel of rebirth. (Desire -- the cause; rebirth -- the effect.) Desire unfulfilled in one lifetime causes the return into incarnation because the law of desire guarantees its fulfillment. Thus, any present condition is seen as the effect of the past and the cause of the future. The cessation of desire, either through satiety or wisdom once past desires have found fulfillment, eventually releases the man from necessity to reincarnate -- except for voluntary decision to do so for reasons of service.

MANTRIC - Refers to verses, charms, secret words which when sounded set in motion the ethers of space.

OCCULTIST - One who is concerned with forces and energies which are hidden or beyond the scope of common understanding. Synonymous with Esotericist, see above.

RING-PASS-NOT - This term is used in occult literature to denote the periphery of the sphere of influence of any central life force. It is applied equally to the single atom, to man and the solar system. The ring-pass-not of the average human being is the spheroidal form of his mental body which extends well beyond the astral and etheric. The solar ring-pass-not extends an unknown distance beyond the most distant planet.