Series XVI
Requirment, Laws, Modes
Death and the Art of Dying
Study Set 4
The Fundamental Laws of Healing
Part I:
Application of Laws I, II, and III


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Esoteric Healing: 521-564
SUPPLEMENTAL READING: A Treatise On Cosmic Fire, The Elementals of the Ethers, 910-936

A right handling of ill health is a major factor in breaking down sepa- rateness and a sense of aloneness and isolation;... 
Esoteric Healing: 545 

KEYNOTE: To the trained clairvoyant each form [thought] reveals: its colouring source, its vibrating mission, its directing method, its keynote objective. A Treatise On Cosmic Fire: 561-562


1. How does your understanding of the first three laws of healing assist you in establishing a better relationship with members of the family, with associates in the work place, with relatives and friends and with others of the community life?

2. Should there be cycles of healing and dying, or should there be a constant state of health? How does the Law of Cause and effect come into play concerning these cycles? How can they be overcome or negated? Does this increase or diminish the needed experience for spiritual growth? How is experience and disease related? What experience, if any, can one learn from disease?

3. Preventive medicine and the holistic movement are influencing the orthodox approach to the treatment of disease and ill health.? When faced with a medical decision from your doctor, you are presented with an opportunity in establishing a right relationship with him? What would be an inclusive attitude on your part? On your doctor's part? What approach to your doctor would facilitate your doctor's ability to heal without violating your own belief system on healing? How does the technique of harmlessness apply to the doctor/patient relationship?

4. Does the condition of health, especially vibrant health, determine the following stages of spiritual growth:
    a. Personality integration?
    b. Soul contact?
    c. Alignment with the soul?
    d. Soul infusion?
    e. Initiation of the first three degrees?

Please explain as fully as you can. Let intuitive response be a guiding element as well as your understanding of the teaching in presenting your comments.

Dear Student,

What is truth? Truth is healing, truth completes, truth makes whole. Truth is found and verified from within, and the thread of truth is found throughout all existence, in all kingdoms of nature, on all planes of the solar system. In any form, any condition, situation or circumstance, any problem, any group, the ingredients of truth are to be found by the inquiring mind and resolute heart.

It is our task to seek out all the elements of truth from falsehood, distortion and confusion and combine them with those aspects of truth that we see in the daily life--goodness and beauty, love and caring, helpfulness and harmlessness--and thereby create a clearer, more brilliant light of truth for us to serve by.

This is first accomplished by releasing our own light--finding our own truth. The daily disciplines we have been following help us to do this. An honest assessment selects the genuine purpose, motive, intention, conviction, sincerity, dedication, values, standards and behavior from that which is counterfeit, unsuitable, false, misdirected.

Secondly, we find others that share the same degree of truth to which we are attracted, like metal filings to a magnet. This becomes the greater light of group consciousness. Each of us express this degree of truth through our own instrument, the threefold personality, even though one's sounding note may be somewhat different from our group brothers. Each level of the group consciousness presents a bigger picture, a more inclusive truth, which can be grasped and implemented in the life of service by the dedicated disciple, the wayshower and seeker of Truth.

God sees us all as parts of Truth. And as we share ourselves as parts of truth, we are given in return a larger measure of truth.
God's simple solution to realize the complete Truth, absolute and whole:


In the spirit of service,
Lynn Bright and
Edward Suchecki


What are the values to be lived by which will emerge triumphant in that new age civilisation we are already beginning to build? Many of them we know but too few of us have practiced them. Many of them have been known and idealised in the Piscean age now passing out, but have been smothered and too much neglected by too many. These good values of the old age, the life energy of the new civilisation will revitalise. Others, always known by the Masters of the Wisdom, will be new in consciousness to us. All of them will be appropriate to the divine objective for man as it works out as planned by the Grand Architect of the Universe in the next two thousand years of the new Aquarian age which we have already entered.

The value of established right human relations is one of the most inclusive values we need to live by. This includes right national relations now so badly out of focus and right relations between the minority groups of every kind and the majority controlling groups. Our achieved almost instantaneous world-wide inter-communication has forced us to recognise that world welfare is superior to all lesser values. We are realising that this is not a world of races, religions, ideologies and nations, but of people. All aspects of the life of mankind should contribute to total human welfare. As has been wisely said, we are moving in consciousness from man to mankind. The statement is startling true that we seem to know all about everything except how to live decently together.

Among the most important values we should place freedom. This freedom specifically includes the freedom of men's minds, and escape from authority imposed by force and fear, by religious, man-controlled institutions, or by governments, whether dictatorships, military rulers or elected leaders in our as yet imperfect forms of democracy. The main purpose of the world-wide attack upon humanity by the Dark Forces was to gain control of men's minds. It precipitated through onto the physical plane in World War II.

There are many freedoms of great value to all of us. Among them stand out the four freedoms presented to us by Franklin D. Roosevelt. They are: Freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of worship, and freedom of speech and expression, for all men everywhere in the world.

Next, we might list the three attributes of the senior members of the new group of world servers. This group was originated by the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet, is organised only on subjected levels, and is active in exoteric human affairs today. These three attributes are self-forgetfulness, harmlessness and right speech. To live by these values is the destiny of all mankind. A deep pondering on these three values will reveal how all-embracing and fundamental they are. They hold within themselves the overcoming of the great heresy of separateness, the living of a life saturated with divine love and the exemplification of wise action by humanity as a whole.

Also we should consider the value of goodwill. The active use of the divine energy of goodwill is the special prerogative of all men of goodwill in all races and nations of the world. It is a dynamic exoteric expression of the supreme potency in our solar system of the energy of love. A major activity today in the Hierarchy itself is the flooding of humanity with this energy of goodwill. It characterises all world servers. It is now in abundant supply. Its active use will give man control of his own destiny, which is included in the Plan of the Grand Architect of the Universe, whom we call God.

We then come to the active practice of cooperation. This is now rapidly growing and is seen as skill in action in all human affairs. The use of goodwill in cooperation can solve all our problems. It will change the focus of capitalism in the world. It produces good for all men, not for a privileged, power-wielding few.

Also, we may mention the value of sharing. President John F. Kennedy reminded us that we as a nation should share our wealth with other nations in need, not for what it would get us, but simply because it is right. This sharing, individually and between nations, cuts down the destructive force of grasping and greed and is the triumphant expression of a loving heart. It is a natural impulse for men of goodwill.

One of the most important values already being grasped is the recognition that all human beings are in fact one family, all are the children of the one Father, God, a unit in His life expression and upheld by His love. Brotherhood is therefore a value which will emerge victorious in the new age in spite of all our ignoring.
Things to Live By, Foster Bailey: 11-13

by Mary Bailey

The fate of men and nations is determined
by the values which govern their decisions.
. . . .
.... A belief in man as an inherently spiritual being and confidence that the heart of humanity is sound provide an incentive and a value to life that inspire constructive attitudes and actions.

Here, therefore, are five values that men can choose to live by:

    1) Inclusiveness.
    2) Selflessness.
    3) Spiritual quality.
    4) Personal responsibility.
    5) Belief in man's potential goodness.
Reflections, Foster Bailey: 87, 90

...; pain is the guardian of the form and the protector of substance; it warns of danger; it indicates certain definite stages in the evolutionary process; it is related to the principle whereby the soul identifies itself with substance. When the identification ceases, pain and disease and also death lose their hold upon the disciple; the soul is no longer subject to their requirements, and the man is free because disease and death are qualities inherent in form, and subject to the vicissitudes of form life.
Esoteric Healing: 502

We are watching perhaps the most engaging act in our history. Amid the powerful purr of particle accelerators, the click of computer printouts, and dancing instrument gauges, the "old science" that has given us so much, including our sense of helplessness before the faceless forces of bigness, is undermining its own foundations.

With the awesome authority that we have given it, science is telling us that our faith has been misplaced. It appears that we have attempted the impossible, to disown our part in the universe. We have tried to do this by relinquishing our authority to the Scientists. To the Scientists we gave the responsibility of probing the mysteries of creation, change, and death. To us we gave the everyday routine of mindless living.

The Scientists readily assumed their task. We readily assumed ours, which was to play a role of impotence before the ever increasing complexity of "modern science" and the ever-spreading specialization of modern technology.

Now, after three centuries, the Scientists have returned with their discoveries. They are perplexed as we are (those of them who have given thought to what is happening).

"We are not sure," they tell us, "but we have accumulated evidence which indicates that the key to understanding the universe is you."

This is not only different from the way that we have looked at the world for three hundred years, it is opposite. The distinction between the "in here" and the "out there" upon which science was founded, is becoming blurred. This is a puzzling state of affairs. Scientists, using the "in here--out there" distinction, have discovered that the "in here--out there" distinction may not exist! What is "out there" apparently depends, in a rigorous mathematical sense as well as a philosophical one, upon what we decide "in here."

The new physics tells us that an observer cannot observe without altering what he sees. Observer and observed are interrelated in a real and fundamental sense. The exact nature of this interrelation is not clear, but there is a growing body of evidence that the distinction between the "in here" and the "out there" is illusion.
The Dancing Wu Li Masters: An Overview of the New Physics, Gary Zukav: 91-92